Let me cut to the chase at the outset and ask the inconvenient question. Is President Obama purposefully trying to undermine and even destroy America? Lately there has been a lot of talk—even in the left-leaning mainstream media—about the president’s ineptitude in both foreign and domestic affairs. People are now asking, “How could we have elected an individual who is so incompetent?” or variations such as, “How could a man with so much education be so dumb?” After all, the domestic and foreign relations bloopers committed by this president make even the most incompetent men to ever hold our nation’s highest office look like nuclear scientists. Watching this president’s administration in action, I find myself humming that old tune, “Send in the Clowns.” The gap between Barack Obama’s supposed credentials and his actual performance is so wide that people are beginning to wonder if there might be another explanation.

Sometimes when things do not make sense to thinking people it is because they refuse to see what is staring them right in the face. If one considers that perhaps President Obama’s apple did not fall too far from his father’s tree, his apparent ineptitude can be viewed in a different light, one that actually makes sense. Perhaps the president is not inept at all. Perhaps he is doing precisely what he planned to do all along: purposefully undermine the United States and everything it stands for. Could it be that we elected a president who would welcome the downfall of America? Is it possible that Barack Obama views the United States through the lenses of his father’s anti-colonialism perspective? I will admit to finding this line of thought difficult to grasp as do some other conservatives with whom I have raised the question, but that might be because people of good will always find it difficult to believe that others don’t share their good will.

Let me pose a question for readers to ponder. If you were President of the United States and wanted to weaken or even bring down our country, how would you go about it? My answer to this question would be to: 1) Simultaneously weaken the nation’s economy and military, 2) Undermine our nation’s strength of character, and 3) Weaken America in the eyes of its enemies. Can a case be made that President Obama has weakened America both economically and militarily? This is an easy case to make. Can a case be made that he is undermining America’s strength of character? This is also an easy case to make. Finally, can a case be made that the president has weakened America in the eyes of our enemies? This case has already been made many times over—just watch the nightly news or read your local newspaper.

I will begin with a few comments on how President Obama has weakened America economically. First there is the national debt. In just six short years, President Obama has accumulated so much debt with his statist economic policies that America’s credit rating has plummeted (something that would have gotten a Republican president impeached), other nations are questioning the dollar as the basis of the international monetary system, and the grandchildren of our grandchildren can look forward to inheriting a debt even they won’t be able to pay off (Assuming of course that America’s economy does not crash and burn before they are even born). Obamacare turned out to be several thousand pages of not just false promises, but economically destructive lies; lies that are raising premiums, forcing employers to downsize, causing people to lose their insurance policies, eliminating long-time patient/physician relationships, and transforming the American workplace into a part-time enterprise.

Staying with the subject of undermining America’s economy, President Obama’s administration is regulating small businesses out of business, increasing the cost of energy with its war on coal, ignoring an energy source with enormous potential by refusing to approve the Keystone Pipeline, and wasting billions of dollars on so-called alternative energy sources that are both ineffective and exorbitantly expensive. All of these actions and policies are killing jobs. In fact, it would be difficult to identify a domestic policy from this administration that has not weakened the economy and, in turn, killed jobs.

While his policies have been weakening the economy, the president has also taken steps to weaken the military. First, from the outset the president has viewed the defense budget as nothing more than his favorite target for raiding to pay for vote-buying social programs. Second, he has weakened the military even further by refusing to put any effort into understanding his role as commander-in-chief and by alienating high-level military leaders who could help him in that role. As if taking a blunt axe to the military’s budget were not sufficient to weaken it, the president went even further. He decided to force the issue of open homosexuality on the military with no concern for its effect on combat readiness. Now that homosexuals may openly display their sexual preferences in the military, the president and his fellow travelers on the left have moved on to their next social experiment: women in combat. Nothing President Obama has done since taking office has strengthened the military, but much he has done has weakened it.

As to our nation’s strength of character, the traditional American work ethic has been replaced by an entitlement mentality—a transformation encouraged by Obama’s domestic policies. As a result, the number of people who derive their daily sustenance from the Federal Treasury is at an all-time high while the number of people of working age who are actually working is at an all-time low. Under the Obama administration, illegal aliens have been treated better than veterans who put their lives on the line to preserve and protect America’s freedom. In fact, terrorist prisoners housed in the detention center at Guantanamo Bay get better healthcare than many of America’s veterans. Finally, the Obama administration has not only tripled the number of people on welfare, it has eliminated the work requirement, thereby encouraging permanent dependence.

Finally, President Obama began his tenure in office by bowing to our enemies and apologizing for what he sees as our nation’s long and dark history of bad behavior. This, of course, sent all the wrong signals to terrorists who were encouraged by the president’s words. Then, he reinforced his image of weakness by rolling over and letting terrorists kill our embassy personnel in Benghazi, publically delivering to our enemies the timetable for our withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan, releasing five terrorist leaders who are committed to America’s destruction, and welcoming home an Army deserter who should be court-martialed and imprisoned.

Taken together, President Obama’s foreign and domestic missteps make no sense unless the man is the most inept individual ever to hold high office. However, if one considers that he is doing these things intentionally to advance a broader anti-America agenda, they begin to make more sense, a point of view his background and upbringing certainly support. Is Obama’s apparent ineptitude really intentional? The truth is, only he knows for sure. However, I can say this: Based on the evidence, if we were in a court of law, I would rather be the prosecutor than his defender.