Outgoing President Barack Obama certainly has a penchant for talking about himself and his accomplishments, and his farewell address was no different.


President Obama’s self righteousness was on full display during last night’s farewell address.

Much like the leftist media loves to rewrite history by repeating their own talking points, ad nauseam, for weeks on end, the lame duck President has been doing his due diligence to reiterate his version of his own legacy with the American people.  In his farewell address, which may have been the reason for CNN’s timing of their report on a fake news dossier from the Russians, Obama referred to himself and his accomplishments nearly 100 times.

“President Obama referred to himself 75 times in his farewell address Tuesday night, according to a review of his prepared remarks by The Daily Caller.

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“Obama heavily promoted the speech, penning a blog post about it and appearing in a promotional video in the days leading up to the address. (RELATED: Obama Mentions Himself 45 Times During Memorial Speech For Dallas Officers)

“Obama said ‘I’ 33 times during the speech, ‘my’ 20 times, ‘me’ 10 times, and ‘I’m’ or ‘I’ve’ 12 times.

“The president made a habit of focusing large chunks of his speeches on himself during his eight years in office.”

While it is no surprise that the president made such a concerted effort to speak about himself during his last days in office, the timing of the speech, coupled with the turmoil among the liberal media elite, makes this sort of self-righteous propaganda highly inappropriate.

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