The Democrats’ 2012 convention will begin at the blue-collar Charlotte Motor Speedway and end at the nearby Bank of America football stadium, home to the Carolina Panthers and a myriad skybox-renting plutocrats, executives and 1 percenters.

The four-day September convention will run only three days, because the first day at the racetrack is being dedicated “to organize and celebrate the Carolinas, Virginia and the South,” according to a statement released today by Steve Kerrigan, the CEO for the Democratic National Convention Committee.

However, the stadium’s association with the financial sector — including Bank of America, which received taxpayers’ bailout money — will provide an easy opportunity for GOP partisans to tag Obama as a ‘crony-capitalist.’

The stadium was also built with non-union labor, creating another irritant with national unions, who believe Obama has been a disappointment.

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