It’s not just the depressed state of our economy, more importantly its Obama’s economic guidelines molding America into his Global Governance dream. Two weeks before the elections, the stock market takes a dive and no one is concerned enough to correct Obama’s speech for deceitfully stating, ”The economy is growing in every area under him.”

From mismanaged resources, over taxation and onerous regulations he’s succeeded in stunting the economy in 5 1/2 short years and timing is everything! Global stocks plummeted last week then the Dow dropped over 350 points in the last 4 trading days, turning negative for 2014.The Stock market adjusts down but few paid attention for all the fear-focus was on Obama’s crisis handling of ISIS and Ebola both of which are “spreading”.

Obama campaigned on record gains of the stock market as a very positive aspect to the U.S. economy “under him”. Not only is the Dow negative to date but NASDAQ is down, S&P 500 and the Russell all the major stock market averages in the U.S. are now negative under Obama. Assuming that’s not what Democrats want to tout at election time why aren’t Republicans pointing this out in speeches on TV and radio advertising it; after all its Obama’s handling of Obamacare, ISIS and Ebola that drove stocks down?

Democrats up for Senate seats are scared to even mention Obama’s name due to his toxic policies. The Media is even fearful that Obama is not credible when it comes to protecting Americans. The ISIS and Ebola crises have gripped the forefront of all Americans mind. Although not literally on the ballot the mishandling of these crises and negative impact of Obamacare implementation will have more sway in peoples mind to vote against re-electing Democrats who share Obamas viewpoints voting with him on these issues 96% to 99% of the time.

I’m so unhappy with the lack of safety for our people and military, low quality integrity and leadership exhibited by this admin that I’d like to assess the burdens forced on us to live under in 2014 so to inspire and motivate everyone to get out and vote.

A quick analysis of Obama’s banner year: 1.Obama care roll out more like a $billion gutter ball than a strike. 2. ISIS, we learned aren’t (JV or Islamic) but 1000% more blood-thirsty than a flock of vampires.3. IRS the only branch of Govt. that can plead the 5th, lose e-mails in a retrievable Google Cloud and get put on a TP’s paid permanent vacation. 4. Veteran’s administration- fraud, cover-up and manslaughter of our soldiers for bonuses. 5. Illegal Immigration, about 95,000 absorbed into our communities, 89% gang members, not children, ages of 15 to 17 to mooch off Tax Payers until 2016 when they can vote. They can’t work or contribute, they are uneducated juveniles. 6. That Pesky Ebola Virus which twists one’s body inside-out and CDC swears is no threat here but who knew it had a taste for foreign cuisine and unlimited Obama frequent flyer miles to the U.S.? 7. Neg. Stock market- Economy, investors wait on results of a Country paralyzed on high alert: Nurse’s fear giving care to Ebola sick, Union maintenance protest cleaning airport toilets, citizens hesitant to fly due to (ISIS (8.) trained Islamic radicals coming back to U.S. to execute us and Ebola virus both traveling on Airplanes.

No one should be allowed to go to Syria fight with ISIS and re-enter the U.S. Its Homeland’s security job to arrest Traitors not excuse them with PC Islamophobia. Republicans should demand they be jailed.

Given the litany of obvious reasons above plus Left’s turnout for midterm is 50 Million fewer than Presidential elections, the GOP should be blowing Democrats out-of-the water in the polls but they’re not. What’s holding them back? Maybe the GOP is too safe playing defense trying to run on a broader national platform instead of concentrating on local issues important to people’s livelihoods. In many States Democrats can’t speak on certain issues because regulations dealt out by the heavy-handed EPA have destroyed industries taking away voters jobs.

Republican’s should be at Town halls and kitchen tables talking with workers of industries who lost their jobs; coal mines have closed down leaving cities desolate, new rigid EPA farm regulations stunting their growth and no government-land drilling allowed or the XL pipeline opened. Obamacare is Toxic to Dem’s so it should be forefront in all GOP speeches; it single-handedly terminated fulltime employment in U.S and crushed many small businesses out of existence.

Obama bold-face lied over 24 times to every American that we could keep our Doctor, our plan and premiums would be reduced; none of which were true. Obamacare seems to only help the illegals. It has nearly bankrupted the lean incomes of part time working families, not on food stamps, by skyrocketing Insurance premiums with higher deductibles that they can’t afford all for useless coverage.

Republicans not saying stupid stuff is great but not having a succinct platform is hurtful and it’s showing up in the tight races we see. True, I think the Democrats got a jump on them learning from the shellacking they got in 2010.They raised a lot of money fast, went on offense against GOP opponents early and often and have done everything they could over the last 5 to 6 months to marginalize them. Republicans have to not only offer a critique of their opponents and Obama’s policies but offer their ideals and plan of what they will do when they take office.

Yes, turnout will be very important but they are acting a little too timid. The whole atmosphere in America right now points to Republicans doing well, yet most of the races are very close. The GOP messaging and representation of the conservative wing has been poor. Let me offer a little advice of what I’d like to hear from the Republicans.

The GOP has a great opportunity now to diligently campaign in unison declaring: They will be the party of job growth and tax reform, the party of opportunity for immigration reform, the party for a strong National defense, the party for a U.S. energy growth and the party that will balance the budget. Use all of them or add to the list but please speak out and capitalize on your assets. If there ever was a time to Stand Up and Stand Out it is now Republicans. Be clear so even the Left’s voter will know that you will protect them from ISIS and Ebola and return them to work with affordable health care.

Every podium with a Republican should be in concert presenting this agenda with no hesitation from any of them; that once they get into office this is exactly what they are going to do. I don’t want to hear piecemeal projects; I want to hear the Grand Plan to getting America back on its feet and back to work!