During a president’s first term in office he can get away—at least for a while—with blaming his predecessor for the problems he faces. Of course, no president has so frequently resorted to using this tactic as Barack Obama. The president is now headed into the homestretch of a four-year term in office and he is still blaming George Bush for problems he, Barack Obama, has either caused himself through poor leadership or exacerbated by adopting a statist approach to dealing with them. In addition to blaming President Bush for the sad state of America’s economy and foreign relations, Barack Obama has also taken to blaming global warming, a “do-nothing” Congress, racism, “hard-hearted” conservatives, and fossil fuels. In fact the only person or thing he does not blame for his self-inflicted travails is Barack Obama.

As the country moves ever closer to November 6th, it is important that Americans do what the mainstream media and Barack Obama will not do: take an objective look at the president’s record. I have conducted an objective, dispassionate review of Barack Obama’s record during his time as president. The results of that review follow in this column.
President Obama has run the national debt up to the unprecedented level of $15.7 trillion, and this number is increasing every day. To grasp the enormity of $15.7 trillion dollars, count the zeroes when the actual number is written out: $15,000,000,000,000. In addition, President Obama’s budget proposal contains the largest tax increase in America’s history, and the burden will NOT fall only on the ultra-wealthy as he likes to claim. As is inevitably the case, the burden will ultimately fall on the middle class. Now that the Supreme Court has decreed that a fine for failing to purchase health insurance is a tax, add yet another tax to the middle class, who will also be taxed to pay the fines assessed against poor people. Worry about the middle-class, not the wealthy. The ultra-rich have a thousand different ways to shield their money from the long arm of the government including moving it out of the U.S. into wealth-friendly tax-havens and even renouncing their American citizenship. The number of people choosing this drastic option has increased substantially since Obama took office.

Now that the Supreme Court has ratified Obamacare, health insurance prices will rise, the quality of services will decline, availability of services will be reduced, and the nation’s once revered healthcare industry will be thrown into disarray. Over time America will cease to be the destination of choice for people around the world with serious health problems that cannot be solved in their homelands where socialized medicine is the norm.

In addition to driving the quality and availability of healthcare down and the costs up, under President Obama, the cost of regulatory compliance for small businesses—the principle generators of new jobs in America—has increased to $10,585 annually. This means that on the day a small business opens its doors, it is $10,585 in the hole before serving its first customer. The obvious effect of this regulatory burden is higher unemployment as small businesses cease to be the dependable generators of new jobs they have always been.

As gas prices declined this summer, Americans celebrated. This just shows how quickly we can become inured to a bad situation. I never thought I would see the day when we would celebrate paying “just” $3 per gallon for gasoline. To put the cost of gasoline in perspective, remember that under Barack Obama gas prices have increased by 98 percent. Next time you fill up don’t celebrate paying “just” $3 per gallon. Instead, ask why the price per gallon is so high. Clearly, by any measure, Obama’s presidency has been a dismal failure.