Katie Pavlich’s article in the June 2013 edition of Townhall is well worth the attention of readers at this site (see Townhall.com). On the subject of “Obama’s Heroes,” Ms. Pavlich wrote: “In the Obama White House, true heroes get ignored and even vilified while superficial attention seekers get adorned with the power and blessings of the Oval Office.” In this article, Ms. Pavlich does an excellent job of pointing out that the Obama administration focuses on “superficial attention seekers” instead of men and women who have truly sacrificed—sometimes their lives—for our country.

The continual distortion of the concept of heroism coming out of the Obama White House shows that this administration is rotten to its very core. Said another way, there is moral decay in the core of this administration than can be seen in who Barack Obama holds up as heroes as well as in the real heroes he chooses to ignore. This is a topic that demands more attention.
Consequently, I expand on Ms. Pavlich’s theme in this column. Ms. Pavlich does an excellent job in her article of showing that Barack Obama is making a point of distorting the concept of heroism. The point I make in this column is that Barack Obama purposefully singles out “superficial attention seekers” instead of real heroes because he is so arrogant that to him the only heroes are those who do something to advance his secular-humanist social agenda. Barack Obama does not intend to share the spotlight with Americans who are truly worthy of praise; Americans who have sacrificed for their country in ways he never has and never will. The only people this president is going to recognize as heroes are those who in some way help advance his agenda, not America’s.

To begin, let’s look at a few of the people President Obama has chosen to single out as heroes, those on whom he has placed the powerful imprimatur of the presidency. Katie Pavlich provided the telling examples of Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown University Law student who wanted the government to pay for her contraceptives and Jason Collins, the Washington Wizards basketball player who recently told the world he is homosexual. Pavlich quoted Sandra Fluke’s version of what President Obama said during the highly-visible telephone call he made sure the press knew he had placed to Fluke: “He encouraged me, supported me, and thanked me for speaking out about the concerns of American women.”

Fluke might have more accurately said the concerns of some leftwing women, but I will let that pass for the moment. The point here is that Barack Obama did not choose to call Sandra Fluke to alleviate her hurt feelings over legitimate questions about her lifestyle choices. Barack Obama cares nothing for Sandra Fluke. He called this young woman for one reason and one reason only: to advance his secular-humanist social agenda. He wanted to make Sandra Fluke into a hero because for him the only heroes are those people who help advance his agenda.

Concerning the self-outing of Jason Collins, Pavlich quoted Barack Obama as saying: “I had a chance to talk to him yesterday (as if he just casually talks with NBA players everyday), he seems like a terrific young man and I told him I couldn’t be prouder of him. One of the extraordinary measures of progress that we’ve seen in this country has been the recognition that the LGBT community deserves full equality, not just partial equality. Not just tolerance but a recognition that they are fully a part of the American family.” What the president did not say is that the LGBT community does not want just equality, they want special treatment. Once again, Jason Collins was singled out for hero worship from this president because he did something to help advance Obama’s secular-humanist social agenda. Let me be clear on this. If Jason Collins had taken a public stand against an issue like same-sex marriage—something that in contemporary America would require real courage—he would have been singled out by Barack Obama and his minions in the press as a pariah, not a hero.

Before writing this column, I went to the latest edition of Merriam Webster and found the definition for the term hero. Here is what I found: a) A person admired for his or her achievements and noble qualities, and b) one who shows great courage. There is nothing in Merriam Webster about a hero being someone whose actions help advance Barack Obama’s nefarious social agenda. Further, there is nothing admirable or noble about asking the government to pay for your birth control pills or admitting that you are homosexual. The first is an act of selfishness and the second an act of self-promotion; and act that will, at the very least, make one a minor celebrity for a few days. Neither act requires even an ounce of courage.

Courage is willing oneself to confront fear and do the right thing in spite of it. It is a mix of mental, physical, and moral self-discipline that allows people to sacrifice on behalf of others or a cause that is bigger than them. This definition, Mr. President, is why we decorate courageous military personnel with medals such as the Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Silver Star, and Medal of Honor. For you to elevate “superficial attention seekers” to the same level of those courageous heroes who have sacrificed life and limb for our country is an abomination.

I will give the estimable Katie Pavlich the last word on this subject: “When American war hero and former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle was killed in February by a soldier he was helping to recover from PTSD, thousands attended his service at Dallas Cowboys’ stadium (President Obama was not among them), hundreds of Texans lined the streets and Americans everywhere lowered their flags in his honor. Kyle is the most decorated sniper in United States history and served four tours overseas. President Obama, on the other hand, has never issued a single statement about Kyle, but he had time to issue a statement through his press secretary about train wreck and cocaine addict Whitney Houston after she drugged herself into the grave.” Kyle, like so many American heroes, does not merit Obama’s mention because his courageous acts did not advance Obama’s agenda.