Mr. Obama spends $100 Million on an extravagant African adventure vacation. Barely catches his breath from jetlag to fly off to Martha’s Vineyard to esoterically hob nob, play golf and un-wind with his elitist buddies to enjoy his fourth vacation of this year. The rest of us hard working Americans that still have a job are bustling and struggling to keep pace in the escalating race with inflation, thanks to his Insane Obamacare plan, spending policies, and regulations downsizing work hours.

The Department of Labor released their report August 17, showing the jobless claims at 330,500 the lowest average since Nov.2007, not bad right? Well, since the recession the median household Income is down 4.4% to $52,098/yr., but the cost of living is up over 2% per yr. This is 6.5% less /family to live on. You can’t survive on a part time job or raise a family with inflation biting your paycheck for: gasoline, food, clothing, education and businesses offering jobs, only hiring part time to avoid paying benefits.

Ed Butowsky managing partner of Chapwood Investments says, “Things are going in the opposite direction, costs are going up and wages are going down. I’d say hey Mr. Obama let’s get back on track. You need to hit Control-Alt-Delete on every regulation and policy in terms of the economy. Printing money is not helping the economy but cutting taxes would. We are in what is called Stagflation, high unemployment, slow economic growth and rising prices. Regardless of how you measure the CPI, the only way to fix Stagflation is to cut taxes across the board on everything. This stimulates the economy and business would grow taking more risks creating jobs”.

* 22.1 Mil Americans are unemployed or underemployed

* 77% of all Jobs ADDED in 2013 have been (part-time positions) 25-29 Hrs./Week

* 8.2 Mil Americans are working (part-time)

* Median household income is down by $2700 since the recession ended June 2009

* On average unemployed Americans have been out of work 36.6 wks.

* Under this Admin.( 47.6 Mil) Am. are receiving food stamps @Taxpayer Costs ($74.6 Bil)

We need 250,000 jobs /mo. to not only employ those coming into the labor force but feed into that very high unemployed backlog of 22 Mil.. The missing ingredient is GROWTH. Businesses are dumping employees and limiting the ones that are working 34 hrs. to 29 hrs. or less to avoid paying Obamacare. Many are having difficulty finding that second part-time job to make up lost income. Those that do, have to juggle child care, transportation and schedules to make it all work, an exhausting maneuver, those that don’t become Welfare recipients. Obama has intentionally stifled small business and with fear and uncertainty, delayed big Corporation’s willingness to hire “full time” workers.

In 35 States welfare benefits are topping $38,000, much more than the minimum wage, which doesn’t compel anyone to get out of bed to look for work. Govt. has created a Welfare system that pays for rent, food, phone and gas, so it’s easier for someone to sit home and be dependent rather than get a min. wage job. We should be urging people off Welfare not making poverty comfortable enough to be their new lifestyle. Obama has taken away all incentive of wanting to work your way up the system with these generous programs so alluring it draws kids back into the Welfare snare.

If several family members live together, that household income can quickly grow to $90K-$100K. Now they can go buy that $200 pair of sneakers, deceiving their self into believing they are living the American Dream. Without the fulfillment of achievement that doing the actual work brings, the sneakers “feel good high” is fleeting, leaving them feeling empty. That emptiness fills with boredom, hopelessness, anger and a desire to “feel good” again. This draws them into; drug use, committing crimes and repeating a generation cycle of poverty. These families are victims of; failed schools leading to drop-outs, broken family/ no father, 72% of blacks born out of wedlock and music Idols inciting violence. Worst of all they are promised, Equality of Results (everyone gets a trophy) dumbing them down by NO motivation to acquire the REAL American Dream of Equal Opportunity.

Detroit has 41% poverty rate, Oakland has 21% and St. Louis has 27%. Youth unemployment is 21% for Whites and 27% for Blacks, but they are NOT counted in the unemployment ratio. Spain and Greece have a terrible economy for youth unemployment at 50% with a massive spike in violent crime but also in suicide. We see it already happening here, our ten most dangerous cities for crime have the highest elevated poverty numbers, the highest school drop-outs and highest drug use. The common factor here is hopelessness from idle hands and idle minds, proliferated by Obama’s goodie bag of free trinkets.

Another casualty of Obamacare is, ½ a Mil people discouraged and quit looking for work, are (Not) in the count of UN employed but part-timers (ARE) in the count for Employed skewing the real ratios. Officially we are in our 5th yr. of economic recovery. If we look at the Labor Force Participation ratio, which is more reliable for what share of the population have a Job, that ratio dropped from 63% before June 2009 the end of the recession, to 57.2% today, which is a 30 yr. low.

Labor Bureau reports would have us believe unemployment is down to 7.6%. With a more accurate count, including those who can’t find work and those stuck in part- time jobs as a result of Obamacare, the truth is, we have 13.5%-14% unemployed. With the realization of Obamacare, unemployment could skyrocket and potentially collapse our fragile economy, especially for middle class and small business, who didn’t receive waiver’ relief big business did. Why so, it only decreased our economic growth?

China and Russia could use our unemployed, weak economic state to make our lives miserable by dumping treasuries. That could literally move interest rates through the roof if they wanted to. In fact we have so much debt we have to sell, that we are already at a high risk of that happening. What we need for our best National Defense is for America to have a strong robust economy so not to worry about being under China’ thumb. Oddly enough any real sign of growth is immediately smothered with regulations under Obama’s guidance, followed by a request to increase spending.

Continually missed essential growth opportunities by Obama’s state of mind, draws one to conclude he isn’t versed in economics: development, production and management of material wealth. Or his actions depict a mentally imbalanced person NOT really wanting the economy to GROW but not wanting us to see through his façade. Therefore INTENTIONALLY;  printing more money increasing inflation and potential economic collapse (Development),  Implementing  $ 2.5 Trillion entitlement spending program destroying the economy (Production),  Having the IRS impose fines for non-participation and raise taxes (Management of Material Wealth)  then expect us to believe this creates …a Robust economic recovery, (INSANITY).

If Obama’s thought process could be held INCHECK, (not by Congress), observed, analyzed and evaluated by a highly reputable team of My choosing, I would have a Rabbi (Israel’s welfare), Economist and Psychiatrist sent into the White House. I sincerely believe that their unanimous, conclusive, diagnostic, recommendation would be to immediately have him put him in a strait jacket and committed to an institution for the criminally insane…