Do you ever wonder whose side Barack Obama is on? Every time the president makes a speech relating to terrorism, the only people who are happy with it are terrorists. I have taken a lot of heat from the left for suggesting that Barack Obama is not just an incompetent president, but also a closet Muslim intent on undermining our country and everything it stands for. If you will think about it, the vengeful Muslim claim is the only one that comes close to explaining the manifest failures of the Obama administration. When Obama wrote about “dreams of his father,” perhaps we should have paid better attention. One of the dreams of his father would have been to see the United States brought to its knees. Could any president, no matter how inexperienced and misguided, make a bigger mess of foreign relations, national defense, or domestic policy than Barack Obama has unless that was his intention in the first place?

With this point of view as backdrop, I have been giving some thought to what Barack Obama might do after he steps down from the presidency. This is an issue all former presidents grapple with. For example, George W. Bush has chosen to maintain a low profile and fill his time writing and painting. Bill Clinton, on the other hand, has chosen to maintain a high profile and exploit his status as past-president for fun and profit. George H.W. Bush has used his post-White House years to raise millions to benefit victims of natural disasters. In his defense, former-President Clinton has been the elder Bush’s fund-raising partner in these ventures and they have been a surprisingly effective team. In spite of political differences, they have also become friends.

But what does the future hold for Barack Obama? Based on his obvious Muslim leanings, perhaps the president should consider a second career as global public relations director for Islam.  After all, having spent his entire presidency favoring Muslims to the determent of Israel, Christians, and Americans in general, Obama has made a good start at auditioning for the PR job already. With his insistence on calling ISIS “armed insurgents” instead of terrorists, his refusal to utter the words “radical Muslims,” his pandering to Iran, and his slighting of the French in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, Barack Obama has stood himself in good stead with the ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other terrorist groups. In fact the only people who are happy with President Obama’s attitude toward terrorists are terrorists.

ISIS has been lopping the heads off of innocent civilians faster than Robespierre’s guillotine in the French Revolution. These animals have even burned a Jordanian pilot alive and, of course, they commit their dastardly deeds on camera to ensure maximum effect. Yet President Obama’s response can be described as subdued at best. He has even scolded his propaganda agents in the mainstream media for, in his words, “exaggerating” the threat from global terrorism. This absurd claim is akin to FDR telling European Jews that the threat from the Nazis was exaggerated.

Now, as if to solidify his status in the eyes of ISIS and other terror groups, President Obama has crassly referred to the four Jewish victims of the Paris terrorist attacks as a “bunch of folks.” To Obama these innocent civilians were not victims, political targets, or Jews singled out for murder because of their religion. No, to Obama they were just a “bunch of folks” murdered at random. I am surprised he didn’t claim they were victims of workplace violence. According to our pandering president, there was no plan on the part of the terrorists. These Jewish victims just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then, really showing his hand as a Muslim acolyte, Barack Obama blamed the terrorist attacks that have occurred since 9-11 on the United States. His exact words were: “I would argue that our invasion of Iraq was counterproductive to the goal of keeping our country safe.” In other words, according to Barack Obama there would have been no 9-11 attack, no Boston Marathon attack, and no other terrorist attacks on the U.S. if we had not gone to war in Iraq.

My first reaction to Obama’s patently absurd statement was that there are fools and then there are damned fools, and the president seems to qualify as the latter. But then, having thought about his comments in the context of others he has made throughout his presidency I realized that Barack Obama is not a fool. Rather, he is a willing spokesman for radical Muslim terrorists worldwide. Ask yourself, who received his comments and other similar comments he has made for almost seven years now most favorably? There is only one answer: terrorists. Consequently, it is time for Barack Obama to stop masquerading as President of the United States and admit that his real ambition is to be a high-value mouthpiece for Islamic terrorist groups.