President Obama’s approval rating has taken another hit, dropping for the third quarter in a row, this time to 44.5 percent between July 20-Oct. 19, Gallup reported on Monday.

That’s a three point decline from the previous quarter, and it is the third largest quarter-to-quarter decline of his five-year (19-quarter) presidency.

Obama’s highest approval rating (63 percent) came during his first quarter as president, and by the fifth quarter, it had dropped to 48.8 percent. Obama’s lowest quarterly approval rating, 41 percent, came in the 11th quarter (third year) of his presidency.

Looking at the most recent quarter, Gallup says Obama’s daily job approval rating dropped in August and September amid criticism over his call for military action in Syria and Russia’s intervention to prevent it. The partial government shutdown that began on Oct. 1 and Obama’s refusal to negotiate over that and the debt limit sent his job approval rating as low as 41 percent in the current quarter, before it rebounded slightly.

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