He has been to church as president less than two dozen times, Politico reported.

Obama’s spiritual adviser Joshua DuBois claims the president’s faith has only deepened the last two years.
Obama does not regularly attend church.

Newsmax reported:

President Barack Obama is not expected to go to church during Christmas. The president rarely attends worship services, preferring to read scripture and pray in private, according to Politico.

Those familiar with his Christian faith say he does not go to church regularly partly because he does not want to disrupt the experiences of regular parishioners and that the Obama family prefers to use Sundays to bond and for downtime.

“The president’s faith has deepened in the second term; he’s said as much,” said Joshua DuBois, who headed the Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships during Obama’s first term.

Church-going has not been part of Obama’s routine since he became president and left Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ and its pastor emeritus Jeremiah Wright.

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