This White House is so disappointing this week, and not just for the usual reasons.

As badly as we conservatives have treated President Obama, I always had the impression that he at least cared that we think he’s a creep.

You could tell he cared because every time he was caught in a lie, he and his staff would bend over backwards, often comically so, to explain to the public how it wasn’t a lie.

But something’s changed. Ever since all of America realized that “you can keep your plan” was a lie, then that it was repeated over two dozen times that were recorded on video, then the inevitable proof that it was not just a lie but a deliberate, calculated, genuinely on-purpose lie, ol’ Barry just hasn’t been the same.

Maybe he’s depressed.

When it was revealed last week that Obama had lived for several weeks in the 1980s with his illegal alien Uncle Onyango, whom the White House had previously said Obama had never met, the Administration barely lifted a finger to fabricate an excuse. The press office didn’t actually ask the president in 2011 if he knew Uncle Onyango, is the story.

See? They didn’t even put any thought into it.

In the latest embarrassment generated by the Obamacare fiasco, a report from the Government Accountability Institute revealed that Obama only met with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius once in the three years since Obamacare was signed into law. That’s remarkable because Sebelius is the person in charge of implementing the president’s legacy legislation.

Presidential spokesman Jay Carney replied that Cabinet members’ visits to the Oval Office aren’t always logged in by the White House and that Obama actually meets regularly with Sebelius. White House logs over three years show several hundred meetings with other Cabinet members, and Sebelius’ name does appear in the logs for parties, banquets and other events.

So Sebelius is the only Cabinet member who meets secretly with the president.

It’s such a transparent lie, it feels like Obama’s not even trying any more.

You know how after you’ve been married a while, you just stop caring that your spouse knows you eat all the macaroons in the middle of the night, so you don’t bother trying to hide it any more?

It feels like that with Obama, like he’s accepted the fact that we all know he’s a liar, so when he gets caught in another lie, he’s just going to pop open a beer and flip the channel on the big screen TV.

I expect him to start showing a beer belly and wearing sweat pants any day now.