At what point will Americans say “Enough”?

The events of the past week have pointed out, highlighted, circled in red ink and underlined the failure of Obama’s foreign policy and the vacuity of the top officials charged with our defense.

The violence in the Middle East has proven what a brilliantly apt metaphor Clint Eastwood’s empty chair was for a president who has not attended weeks’ worth of security briefings or one suspects paid much attention to what’s going on in the larger world.

In fact, rather than attend a security briefing after our ambassador was killed, Obama was running off to Las Vegas to raise money. The only thing surprising in this solipsistic behavior is that he didn’t try to raise it by gambling tax funds at the craps table.

The sycophantic media are just as clueless. Only three days before the 9/11 anniversary, AP ran the headline, “Terror Takes a Back Seat; Americans Safer Now.” Whoops.

Our embassies and diplomatic facilities were woefully under-defended. The facility in Libya did not even have any Marines; it was protected by Libyan security. In Egypt, the Marines were not allowed live ammunition. Lord knows what other ridiculous orders hamper our people at other embassies in the Middle East.

And now the violence isn’t confined to the Middle East. U.S. flags are being burned in London. Universities in America are being evacuated due to bomb threats attributed to al-Qaida.

Russia’s got warships in the Mediterranean near Syria and Israel. China and Russia are both running submarines just miles off our coastlines. Last month, it was acknowledged that a Russian sub had patrolled the Gulf of Mexico for weeks without being detected.

Our embassies are being attacked, our people killed, our flags burned throughout the Mideast, a region that was supposed to become our eternal allies because of the force of Obama’s winning personality.

Yet the best the administration can do is condemn a film no one has seen and that might even be part of a hoax or disinformation campaign to try to blame Israel, evangelical Christians and conservatives in general for a foreign policy in shreds.

While the FBI has issued a warning about the possibility of violence in America, the administration seems to be unwilling to do anything but fiddle while Rome burns.

What King Obama doesn’t realize, perhaps, is that it’s not just the flag going up in smoke, it’s his presidency self-destructing. And not a moment too soon.