It’s always enlightening when life imitates art.

Comic book fans may remember the four-volume series “The Dark Knight Returns,” in which Batman defends Gotham City against a murderous gang of thugs called the Mutants.

In it, there is a scene in which the leader of the gang has been arrested thanks to the Bat, but the liberal mayor of Gotham decides this is an opportune time to “negotiate” for a cessation of hostilities from the gang. The Mutants’ leader — who, in case his intent wasn’t obvious already, has filed his teeth into a shark-like grin — agrees. The mayor enters the jail cell without bodyguards and promptly has his throat ripped out. In the next scene, the assistant mayor is addressing the media and saying the city is still willing to negotiate.

Recent events in the Mideast reminded me of that scene as we learned that our ambassador had been killed and our poorly guarded embassies attacked, yet the Obama Administration was busy issuing apologies to the mob for an unknown little film and imagined insults to Islam.

This is typical behavior for this president, who began his administration with an apology tour around the world. It’s also typical behavior for liberals in general, who on the whole seem to think that apologizing to bullies will somehow shame them into changing their behavior.

There’s somewhere else you can find that behavior pattern, and that’s in every battered women’s shelter across this land.

Abused women and children have a difficult road to travel and should be applauded for taking the first step to get out of a bad situation, but there is a pattern to abusive relationships.

Far too many women put up with verbal and physical abuse out of some subconscious notion that they deserve to be punished. Ask any cop about cases where women have been subject to often frightful beatings then turn right around and forgive the SOB who hurt them.

There follows the “honeymoon period,” in which things seem better for a while, but then the cycle repeats itself. Such abusive cycles don’t end until something happens to break them — either the woman leaves or someone dies.

In the case of our president, the belief that the U.S. deserves punishment is not subconscious at all, but part of his personal dogma endorsed by his liberal supporters. His entire presidency has been about bringing down the people of the United States and trying to buy the good graces of foreign nations.

Such was the case with the “Arab Spring,” for which Obama was head cheerleader and bake sale fundraising chairman. For a time, everything seemed rosy (at least to liberals and their media lapdogs), but then on the thinnest pretext — a home video with bad sound — America is being slapped bloody.

And our alleged leader can’t man up enough to do anything more than dry his eyes and plead with the Muslim world to stop because we now understand that Muslims’ hair-trigger anger is somehow our fault.

Real Americans — men and women — are fed up with this mewling milquetoast of a president turning us into the world’s punching bag. If there is any sense left in this country, it’s time to toss Obama and his baggage out the door.