President Obama is a master of speaking out of both sides of his mouth, but this time he has outdone himself.  In announcing major cuts in military spending the President blithely proclaimed that the United States would remain the world’s strongest military power.  This is like a boxer announcing he planned to lose 100 pounds but still compete in the heavyweight division.  With his planned scrapping of America’s two-war policy, President Obama has demonstrated that he is either the most anti-military commander in chief our country has ever had or, as many of us fear, this is just part of his plan to destroy the United States.

Let’s examine just a few of the major points the President made in announcing his so-called new military strategy:

  • He claimed that we no longer need a two-war policy and that our focus for the future should be on China.  While it is true that we need to be concerned with staying ahead of China militarily, China is just one piece of a larger puzzle that has a lot of pieces—all of them dangerous to America’s security.  The reason we have maintained a two-war preparedness policy is so an enemy cannot get us tied down in one region and then strike in another.  A one-war preparedness policy is an open invitation to mischief on the part of our enemies.  One of the oldest and most enduring rules of thumb for military preparedness is that the enemy always strikes where you least expect it.  This is one of the reasons why it is important to be able to simultaneously conduct wars in more than one theater of operations. Think of what would have happened during World War II if President Obama’s one-war policy had been in place.  Either Hitler’s juggernaut would have overrun Europe and Great Britain while we were occupied in the Pacific War against the Japanese or the Japanese would have landed in San Francisco and made their way to Washington, D.C. while we were tied down fighting the Nazis in Europe.

  • Panetta admitted that the new one-war policy posed additional risks to America, but claimed they are acceptable risks.  Acceptable to whom Mr. Secretary?  The most important job the president has is protecting Americans from the enemies of our country.  This president, who sees his job as director of social programs, needs to be told that the best social security he can provide for Americans is a strong national defense.

  • The centerpiece of the new one-war policy is to deter China, why is the president cutting back on the number of F-35s to be produced?  Nothing in the arsenal is more important to our military superiority over China than the F-35.

It is time for Americans to send a powerful message to President Obama:  Do not cut one dime in military spending until you have first cut Medicaid, eliminated the Departments of Education, Commerce, and Labor, and reduced the Environmental Protection Agency to a size that is at least smaller than most third-world countries.