Leno: Now a hot topic on your show, these are the ones I love really, are the Christmas tree issues…Tell me about this.

O’Reilly: It’s so stupid, it’s really unbelievable. Rhode Island right, almost all Catholic. A big Catholic state, so the governor Lincoln Chafee refuses to call a Christmas tree, a Christmas tree. It’s a “Holiday Tree” So like Groundhog Day, you put up a Christmas tree, right?

Leno: Right..

O’Reilly: It’s so insane because…

Leno: No, it’s indigenous mammal day

O’Reilly: So, he doesn’t want to offend anyone, No no, I don’t want to offend anyone. You’re offending 95% of America by refusing to call it a Christmas tree! Oh my god and the White House calls it a Christmas tree. I mean they call it the White House Christmas tree lighting. But not in Providence, Rhode Island… It’s the holiday tree.

Leno: That’s what I love too. All these Republicans said Obama is a Muslim, he’s a Muslim! And now he put up 54 Christmas trees in the White House.. he’s wasting money on Christmas trees! You can’t please anybody

O’Reilly: But they are all facing Mecca.

Leno: They are all facing Mecca; there you go.

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