In another effort to divert attention from the President’s abysmal record heading into this election year the White House threw out another hand grenade to distract any scrutiny. The Obama Administration announced that it’s considering drastic reductions to America’s nuclear arsenal. According to several news outlets,the Administration is planning to cut the total number of nuclear warheads by 80%.

The current START pact calls for the United States to reduce their inventory to 1,550 deployable warheads by 2018. Now the administration plans to ask the Russians to reduce the inventory to 300 to 400 warheads leaving the two largest nuclear powers to have the same amount of warheads as China.  In faculty lounge out of touch with reality logic,this White House believes that the Russians will agree to reduce their inventory and may convince Iran and North Korea to abandon their nuclear programs. Shortly after his “immaculation” to the presidency Obama asked the world to share “his vision for a world free of nuclear weapons.”

Republican response

Congressional Republicans have vowed to block the Administration from recklessly cutting the only weapon system that discourages any crackpot third world dictator from trying to destroy western civilization. Rep. Michael Turner R-Ohio called such proposal “reckless lunacy.”

Other Congressmen pointed out that this is a loony leftist notion that if the United States disarmed that rest of the world will follow suit. The Iranians and Koreans will see this as weakness and will accelerate their programs. Far too often,leftist politicians have about as much common sense as a bug playing chicken against a speeding tractor-trailer windshield.

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