Obama surrenders without even using the word.
Check it out:

President Barack Obama tried to fend off criticism of his Iraq policy, as that country fell into the clutches of a terrorist army this week, by insisting that he was considering “all the options” for a response. “I don’t rule out anything,” he said.

Of course he doesn’t. The essence of postmodernism–of which this president is the political fulfillment–are a profound moral relativism, a habitual flexibility, a hermeneutical hanging-out.

Yet what does it mean to consider “all the options”? The president uses that phrase to suggest that he has not ruled out military force. He said much the same thing about Iran’s nuclear program, for example, and Syria’s chemical weapons.

But “all the options” could mean, in the literal sense, that Obama is also considering the opposite: i.e. surrender. And that, in effect, is what Obama’s foreign policy has been for the last six years.

The fall of Iraq is an American surrender, though the Obama administration is striving mightily to cast it solely as an Iraqi one. It is a surrender to the Sunni terror groups that U.S. and coalition forces had once defeated, at great cost. And it is a surrender to the Iranian regime, which will use its Revolutionary Guards’ intervention in Iraq against the spread of ISIS as a way of expanding its regional hegemony right across the Fertile Crescent.

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