“We’re entering an era where American dominance in the sea’s, in the skies and space can no longer be taken for granted.” Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel said this February 2014, in a speech to explain why he has reduced our military levels to WWII size.

Who is going to fill that void? The President will. Military decline is a clear choice he has made. He’ll make that decision when we are attacked. Leading from behind is conjecturing without prepared strategic direction. America’s destiny to fail is guaranteed with this new military approach.

His philosophy is to undo and re-shape the U.S. free enterprise thinking into accepting absolute rule and his methods of achieving it. Mr. Obama is an ideologue with a preeminent Socialistic belief, which defines his every deed. Concepts made at the West Point speech relates to what he has been priming us for and will continue on this course of thinking. We’ve seen hesitancy in his red line policy with Iran, Syria, Ukraine and now Iraq. This portrayal of feckless indifference to us was to him the plan all along, thus Chuck Hagel’s decreasing the Military.

First West point worth noting, “We will (only) attack on an act against “direct threats” to the U.S. homeland.” Basically means we are ignorantly waiting in limbo for another (911) to happen. Iran “directly” threatens us constantly but they continue enriching nukes as we stand by.

Second West point, “We (may not) necessarily act against indirect threats. If we do take action against an enemy it’s going to almost always be done in concert with others. The U.S. will (no) longer act unilaterally; we (will always) bring institutions along, primarily the United Nations. “

In a nutshell these were the important points made at West Point.

This last statement is a strong indicator to the beginning stages of his action plan of a one world government with no borders and new rules of engagement. He is telling American’s this is the new way to think; not sovereignly anymore but collectively.

Example: Putin isn’t one we could partner with at this first stage of presenting our new image of no U.S. military on the scene. Obama allowed Putin to lead in Syria and Ukraine without reprisal to make his point to the world the U.S. is not going to fight wars unilaterally anymore. Obama purposely reduced our military in size to equal the playing field for other countries to step in. This wake-up call right now is for Iraq, “America is sitting this one out”. We may partner with them and help but not necessarily, we may not take action at all.

Obama’s Iraq crisis speech reiterated this thinking with Prime Minister Tony Abbots, Australia, stating that “we will be more effective if we can partner. Australian’s know how to fight, I like having them in a foxhole.”

Then he says, “Iraq is going to need more help from us and from the ‘International Community’. I believe we need to have a more robust regional approach to partnering and training with partner countries throughout the Middle East and North Africa. We are not going to be everywhere all of the time. What we can do consistently is help finance, train and advise military forces with partner countries including Iraq that has the capacity to maintain their own security.”

“This is a laborious process but one that we need to get started. That’s part of the Counter-Terrorism partnership fund that I’m going to be calling on Congress to help finance. This gives us the capacity to extend our reach without sending U.S. troops to play whack-a-mold where ever there is a problem.” He ends the Iraqi speech saying his West Point dialog already laid this plan out.

Is Obama tapping into our political mood or are we tapping into his? It’s said that Americans are war weary and looking inward reflecting over the virtue of past years being the world’s police. Is this the rationale behind it? I think we should have been allowed to claim our victory in Iraq and Afghanistan wars especially with the high price U.S. soldiers paid with blood and treasure.

As far as military intervention goes we had won Iraq and established a base there. Generals urged leaving 10 to 15 thousand troops to oversee things with a status of forces agreement and he didn’t. Obama threw it all away and totally left. After that disrespect to servicemen’s life and limb how would you get the American public on board behind Obama to go into Syria or the Ukraine or Iraq and start over? That I believe more than anything caused America’s war weariness, we don’t want to go into battle under Obama.

It was Obama who installed Maliki as the Prime Minister in Iraq; he didn’t win the 2010 election. This was Obama’s decision by his political design.

We’re repeating this in Afghanistan on steroids. He tells everyone the year we will be out, how many troops will be left if any and releases 5 Gitmo Generals before the war has ended. This encourages and strengthens our enemies to maneuver their armies to knock out Afghanistan when we leave.

In his West Point speech he also says, “From Europe to Asia we are the hub of alliances unrivaled in the history of nations.” What? He has alienated, disillusioned and made fearfully anxious our allies who don’t trust us anymore. Not Israel and especially not Egypt after we were going to give money to Morsi, a member of the Muslim brotherhood, until he was ousted. Even our ally Saudi Arabia has separated itself from the U.S.

Obama’s goes on to say, “I’m building successful American diplomacy and coalitions”. Myself, I’m hard pressed to find a place it has worked. It hasn’t worked in Syria where he didn’t build a coalition to push back Assad or help the rebel people protesting when we knew who they were. Assad is still killing his people. Obama’s red line was not diplomacy or a coalition but ineffective arrogance giving credence to Putin who is a force to be reckoned with. He marched right into Ukraine unabashed and annexed chunks of the country. No diplomacy there.

Much of his West Point speech wasn’t true due to it still being in an infantile visionary stage. Iraq’s disorder hatched this vision into life unveiling our new stance militarily towards not helping Iraq or anyone unilaterally. This has jolted the watchdog world including our enemies to see how serious Obama is in carrying out this plan. I believe Obama’s new approach will invigorate Russia, China, Iran and even North Korea to start building their armies and nukes up faster and more furiously within the next two years while he is still in office and they have a green light.

I fervently believe that Al Qaeda will continue building their caliphate and become a more serious threat to Israel and the U.S. with this new position he’s taken. Obama blatantly shows he is no leader in foreign policy wanting the betterment of America. His forefront political agenda far outweighs national security and economic growth evidenced by our porous borders.

There’s another good indication of why Obama’s foreign policy success in the past five years is zilch and it’s the largest reason the U.S. looks so weak and has war fatigue. The one point I can give him 100% credit for building is our extremely weak economy.

Sadly, his greatest note to fame lies in reshaping the Great U.S by downsizing our military. Effectively we are out of the game, sitting on the sidelines waiting for the carnage to occur to pass the political football off to others. His vision has officially begun with his no American action in Iraq speech.

The world no longer recognizes America as the go-to strong military country they could depend on. Obama has cut America’s strength off like Delilah cut Samson’s hair and then with pride declared to the world at West Point, America is out of the war business!