Obama’s New Taskforce to Save the Bees: Facing the colossal loss of a decade-long war, an economy propped up with pins and glue (made in China), and an invasion of foreign nationals to deport and/or defend, what’s a president to do? Save the bees, of course.

In a bizarre shift of focus, Barack Obama has decided that the most pressing crisis of our time is the decline in the honey bee population…and that this looks like a job for guv’ment.

“Pollination is integral to food security in the United States,” Obama said, as he announced the creation of a federal pollination taskforce (not a joke), and pledged a $50 million increase in his budget for USDA and EPA research into the decline in honey bees and other pollinators.

That’s about $20 per bee. Out of your pocket. But maybe we should just trust the Prez on this: as his jobs policies have shown, nobody knows more about disappearing worker bees than Obama.

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