President Obama’s slogan may be “Forward,” but he has taken this country backward in just about every policy effort his Administration has made.

Add to that list the War on Terror.

Remember that one? Started when a few jetliners had “engine trouble and crashed into some buildings?

Liberals have always had a hard time remembering that we’re in that particular war, except when their guy kills the guy who started all the trouble. Then we have to hear about it, over and over and over. …

Unfortunately, they didn’t forget to turn it into a war we’re losing.

One of the things Obama inherited from President Bush was a successful prosecution of the War on Terror. When Obama first punched the Oval Office time clock, 62 percent of Americans agreed we were winning the war.

Now, thanks to four years of Obama’s “enlightened” foreign policy, less than half of Americans, 45 percent think we’re winning, according to a Rasmussen poll. Even that’s an unusually high number considering what’s happened in the Muslim world in the past two weeks.

Another Rasmussen poll found that 45 percent of Americans feel that relations between the Muslim world and the U.S. are worse.

Muslims, it turns out, feel the same way. Another study found that under Bush — that terrible, war-mongering boogeyman of liberal fantasies — about a third of Muslims approved of the United States’ policies. Again, Obama has undone that. Only about 15 percent of Muslims like us now.

You see where bowing to dictators will get you?

The main problem in fighting the War on Terror, it seems, is that Obama sympathizes overly much with the enemy. In his book, Obama said outright that if the political winds in the Mideast ever took a nasty turn (or perhaps nasti-er) that he would side with the Muslims. He is also the only president to ever declare the Muslim call to prayer the most beautiful sound on Earth.

On the other hand, our president doesn’t think much of our own country. He has spent his time in office shutting down our businesses, chaining our free markets, giving away our resources and denigrating our history. His entire re-election campaign is built on the concept that capitalism and the freedom to succeed are evil, an opinion he shares with President Ahmadinejad of Iran.

I’m no military expert, but I suspect that to win a war, it probably helps to a) believe there’s a war, and b) believe in the side you’re fighting for.

Iran’s President Mahmoud I’m-a-Dinner-Jacket also called this week for an end to the American empire. Thanks to King Obama’s efforts, that looks like the Muslims are already a good part of the way there.