Candidate Obama made a lot of promises while running for president. Once elected, he made even more promises. His list of promises made is long and still growing, but there is also another list: the list of promises he has kept. That list, by comparison, remains embarrassingly short. In fact, the president’s record on promises kept is so bad that my colleague Archie Jones and I wrote a book on the subject titled Born to Lie.

There is—unfortunately—one promise President Obama has kept: his promise to fundamentally transform America, and there—as they say—is the rub. When Barack Obama promised to fundamentally transform America people understandably assumed he meant for the better. Sorry. If you were one of those people, by now you know you were duped. Any person with an ounce of objectivity will have to admit that Barack Obama’s vision of better is an America with a second-rate economy, permanently high unemployment, a weaker military, bigger government, higher taxes, a bad case of entitlement, and no moral compass.

            President Obama is transforming America just as he promised, but in ways that make thinking people wish he would stop. In fact, anyone who cares about the long-term future of our country can be forgiven for wishing the president would stop transforming it and just spend the rest of his second term playing golf. He does much less damage on the golf course than when he is in the oval Office. When one considers objectively the ways in which the president is transforming America, it is tempting to think he is purposefully trying to destroy or at least undermine all that has made our country great. Not exactly the kind of transformation America needs. So, what are some the ways Barack Obama is transforming America?

Let me begin with the Christian religion. America had drifted far from its Christian roots by the time Barack Obama was elected president, but during his time in office he has done much to increase that distance. At a meeting in Turkey, the newly-elected president claimed that “we”—meaning the American people—no longer consider our country to be a Christian nation, as if Barack Obama somehow speaks for all Americans on the subject of religion. But putting aside for the moment his presumptuous gall, the important point is that an American president did not want those attending the meeting in Turkey to associate America with Christianity. He later told the New York Times that he considered the Muslim call to prayer one of the “prettiest sounds on earth.” From the outset, President Obama cozied up to Islam while overtly and covertly slamming Christianity.

Obama has gotten a lot of pushback for his anti-Christian actions as president. As a result—because he is a politician, not because he is a Christian—he has backed off somewhat. But before he read the political tea leaves, he had omitted “in the year of our Lord” on a presidential proclamation, forgot to issue an Easter proclamation, banned Bibles at the Walter Reed Medical Center, proscribed Christian prayers at the National Cemetery in Houston, and insisted that military chaplains no longer pray in the name of Jesus. Ignoring the political tea leaves, President Obama forced open homosexuality on the military services. These are clearly not the actions of a Christian president or even one who is tolerant of Christianity.   

In addition to fundamentally transforming the religious landscape in America, the president has also transformed the economy. In just six years in office, the Obama administration has rung up more debt than all of his predecessors put together; a fact that has driven America’s credit rating through the floor. The president has implemented healthcare policies that are transforming the American workplace into a part-time enterprise. Further, he has played fast and loose with the unemployment numbers so that when he claims unemployment is down to seven percent, it is actually at least twice that high.

Another transformation has been in the area of energy policy. The president’s policies on energy are designed to force Americans to adopt so-called alternative energy sources that are expensive on the one hand but ineffective on the other. His war on coal will increase unemployment and drive the cost of energy through the ceiling. As a result, those who depend most on inexpensive energy—the poor in America—will be hit hardest by Obama’s misguided energy policies, yet he continues to portray Republicans who support coal as the bad guys.

Barack Obama is transforming every aspect of American society. An entire book could be written on this subject. However, owing to space limitations, I will conclude with how President Obama is transforming the American military. His treatment of the military and veterans is a national disgrace. Since assuming the presidency, Barack Obama has viewed the military as nothing more than a budget to cut and a place to find money to pay for his European-style statist programs. During the president’s six years in office, America’s veterans have been treated like the untouchable caste in India. Many have died while waiting for the medical care they earned by putting their lives on the line to protect America’s freedom. The president has done nothing to strengthen our military or improve the moral of our troops. Instead he has used his position as commander-in-chief to force the military to accept open homosexuality and is now trying to push women in combat down the throats of military leaders who know better but are afraid to confront a vindictive commander-in-chief.

Barack Obama is in the process of keeping one of his campaign promises: the promise to fundamentally transform America. This was the “change” part of “hope and change.”  Unfortunately his vision of a better America does not square with that of most Americans. It would be better if Barack Obama simply took the day off for as many days as he has left in office. The most dangerous thing America faces right now is not terrorism. Rather, it is the anti-America policies of its own president.