The decisive bloc of swing-voting independents increasingly dismisses President Barack Obama as a weak leader, according to a new poll from Resurgent Republic, a GOP-linked advocacy group.

Overall, 24 percent of independents think he is stronger, while 67 percent believe he is weaker. Eleven percent of respondents said they had no opinion.

Asked if Obama deserves re-election, 56 percent of independents said it is “time for someone else.” Only 36 percent of independents said Obama deserves re-election.

The low ratings are not caused merely by Obama’s role in the stalled economy, said Whit Ayres, the pollster who conducted the poll and a board member at Resurgent Republic. “The doubts go to the heart of his presidency … [I]ndependents were looking for a unifying leader who can get things done, and they don’t see that now in President Obama.”

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