Even when you factor in the harsh tone of contemporary campaign rhetoric, Barack Obama’s comment that “voting is the best revenge” was over the top for an American president.  Even after Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Roosevelt—a master of political rhetoric—did not suggest that he would take revenge on the Japanese.  He made it clear the Japanese would be dealt with in an appropriate manner in due course, but his motives would be justice, decency, and honor—not revenge. President George W. Bush took the same approach in the aftermath of 911.

Revenge is a strong word, a word unworthy of use by an American president.  It means taking retribution, vengeance, settling of scores, and payback.  It is an action that makes small both its advocates and its perpetrators.  One takes revenge on individuals or groups in an attempt to get back at them in harmful and destructive ways.  This being the case, one must wonder what individuals and groups President Obama plans to take revenge on.  In this column I suggest several groups that Barack Obama—based on his record, actions, and rhetoric—might have in mind for revenge.

Obama’s revenge might be aimed at the U.S. Supreme Court, a court he mistakenly considers too conservative and wedded to the original meaning of the Constitution.  He will likely exact his revenge by joining with his majority in the U.S. Senate to fill any vacancies that occur during his second term with the most liberal judges available—judges that believe the Constitution is a “living document” they can change according to the socio-political whims of the moment by legislating from the bench.  By stacking the Supreme Court, Barack Obama will be able to simultaneously take revenge on Americans who believe in free speech—the First Amendment—and guns rights—the Second Amendment.  Once the Supreme Court has a comfortable liberal majority, Barack Obama will be able to savor his revenge for many years after leaving office.

Obama has already taken revenge on one of his favorite targets—entrepreneurs and investors—simply by being re-elected.  The morning after his re-election the Dow lost 313 points.  The Associated Press said it this way: “Wall Street greeted a second Obama term the way it greeted the first.  Investors dumped stocks Wednesday in the sharpest sell-off of the year.”  Investors do not get caught up in the emotions or rhetoric of political campaigns.  Rather, they view the world through the objective and unblinking eye of economic reality.  Obviously, they know something Obama’s supporters do not know or that they know and choose to ignore.

Aided by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Obama set the stage for his revenge on the healthcare industry even before his re-election with passage of Obamacare.  However, to make his revenge even sweeter the president made sure that the most expensive and destructive elements of his healthcare reform bill would not come into play until after his re-election and even after he is out of office.  In this way he will be able to sit in a rocking chair on the front porch of his retirement estate and savor his revenge for years to come.

Obama’s re-election will give him four more years to take revenge on Christians in America—whittling away at their First Amendment rights and continuing his subtle advocacy of replacing freedom of religion with the more restrictive concept of “freedom of worship.”  His re-election will encourage secular humanists throughout the country to continue their onslaught on Christianity in the public schools, colleges and universities, and the public square.  Perhaps Obama’s ultimate revenge on this group of Americans will be to reign over the ascendancy of Islam in a country founded on Christian principles.

Barack Obama’s most telling form of revenge will be taken on the American people—makers who voted against him and, ironically, takers who voted for him.  We already know about Obama’s revenge on the makers in America—he has been twisting the screws on this declining group for four years now.  But the ultimate irony is that it is the takers who voted for him that have been hurt the most under his administration and will be hurt even worse in his second term.  It is as if Barack Obama is saying to his supporters: “If you are naïve enough to support me, you deserve what you are going to get.”

I do not believe that the president’s comment about “revenge” was just campaign rhetoric or an inadvertent slip of the tongue.  Rather, I believe Barack Obama truly wants revenge against America and that he intends to get it.  Unfortunately for all Americans—makers and takers—the president’s ultimate target is our country, a country he does not love, does not think is exceptional, and does not believe in.