“These scandals keep popping up for a reason; they’re not scandals. They’re the consequences of a government run amok. We have to restlessly and repeatedly make the case- this is what results from an insatiable, centralized, all-powerful federal government. It is not benevolent, it is not benign…it’s got teeth.” –Mark Levin

Mark Levin nailed it on the head yet again. Every scandal that has unfolded under the Obama presidency has been a direct result of a bloated, overreaching government; the kind of government our founders warned against. Fast & Furious, Benghazi, Extortion 17, IRS targeting and the VA scandal are direct results of government interference. We aren’t dealing with run-of-the-mill scandals, as we did with Bill Clinton, or Richard Nixon. We’re dealing with the damming evidence that an insatiable, big government is dangerous. The danger itself has already been revealed by the lives that have been lost due to these irresponsible actions. No one died as a result of Watergate or Clinton’s affairs.

In the past few days, and years, we have seen that an intrusive government fails to properly do its job. The role of our government is to protect our freedoms and protect us from harm via national security. By aiding drug dealers and terrorists in arms trades, our government, in turn, aided the deaths of American lives in Mexico and Benghazi, Libya. By revealing the identity of Seal Team Six, Joe Biden placed a death warrant on the lives of the members of those Seals. As a result, most of the members of Seal Team Six lost their lives during a very suspicious mission in Afghanistan.

The manner in which our heroic veterans have been treated by this administration has been unacceptable. Do you think President Obama had our interest at heart when he unlawfully bypassed Congress and exchanged five high-level members of the Taliban who were held at Guantanamo Bay for Sergeant Bergdahl? Our brave men and women who serve in our military now have a price on their heads because of this action by the President. Obama’s actions are nothing short of treasonous.

The government has been growing larger and more powerful in the past one hundred years. With the progressive mentality of a dependent welfare state, we have seen more and more Americans become victim to a centralized government. The more fingers government has in the pie, the more it is able to control…and slowly destroy. It is deliberate and dangerous. The more power we allow to be given to the government; the harder it will be to shrink the size and scope of government. Progressives, aided on numerous occasions by Republican support, have created this mess. The only way to rid ourselves of this leviathan federal government is to turn our focus to the local and state levels of government. Within the local and state government is where the progressives have invaded and made their dangerous headway.

Levin also stated: “The VA thing is bigger than the VA, it’s bigger than the IRS, and it’s bigger than the EPA. And if somebody doesn’t address this, breakthrough this mindset that’s been imposed on us over a century’s time, then nobody’s going to.” Mark Levin argues that Republicans and conservatives must make the case that this is what results from an all-powerful government. If we aren’t willing to speak up, who will? Republicans give up too much to the Left. Liberty frees, tyranny destroys. Looking at the current situation in America, are these offences a result of liberty or tyranny?

“Liberty provides answers. Liberty provides opportunity. Liberty improves life.” –Mark Levin