RadNet, the country’s largest imaging and diagnostic company, comments in its most recent investor presentation that mammogram volumes have been adversely affected by the weak economy and a “government taskforce changing the recommended age from 40+ to 50+.”

The government taskforce comment is meaningful.  It means that during President Obama’s first term, an HHS-supported advisory board recommended that women’s health care be rationed.  This is the same entity that more recently recommended that men do without the PSA test, the standard prostate cancer screening procedure.  Admittedly, this is a different HHS-supported independent advisory board, but maybe Mitt Romney was on to something when he voiced concern about ObamaCare rationing our health care through its own IPAB.

RadNet’s comment about government’s negative impact on mammogram volumes certainly clears the fog created by the Obama campaign’s relentless suggestion of a Republican “war on women.”  Seen in this light, President Obama’s “war on women” scare tactics are a smokescreen, particularly if women have already had their mammograms rationed.

Although both presidential campaigns seek the support of suburban women, President Obama is not talking to them.  He is talking to Planned Parenthood customers.  Suburban women are typically economically established, educated heads of households.  They are typically involved in schools, church, and community.  Not to state the obvious, but they also live in the suburbs, which are incidentally where Target stores sell birth control for nine dollars a month.

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