Gallup’s latest tracking numbers put Mitt Romney ahead of Barack Obama 52% to 45%, the largest lead for Romney since the race began. Historically at least, no one has ever lost with numbers like these, at this stage in the race. According to past Gallup polls, Obama was ahead of Sen. John McCain 52% to 41% in October, George W. Bush had John Kerry beat 52% to 44%, and Bush was up 3% on Al Gore in 2000.

In recent days and weeks, Romney’s pulled ahead or within points of Obama among a number of demographics, including women, where a Gallup/USAToday poll had him within a point of Obama among likely female voters in swing states.

And according to the National Journal’s Ron Brownstein, among white women in particular, “several polls suggest that Obama’s advantage has narrowed or vanished since his disastrous first debate. Most ominous for Obama is evidence that the slippage has occurred not only among usually Republican-leaning blue-collar white women but also their white-collar counterparts.

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