It’s a good Sunday when Former Speaker Newt Gingrich says “Trotsky” before your first cup of coffee.

Speaking on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley Sunday morning, Gingrich called President Barack Obama‘s drone speech on Thursday “stunningly, breathtakingly naive.”

“[Obama] says at one point, ‘Wars have to end,’” Gingrich said. “Well, Trotsky said, ‘You may not care about war, but war cares about you.’”

“Right after you have somebody beheaded in London,” Gingrich listed, “you have a bomb go off in Boston, you have the Iranians as you were just told by Congressman McCaul every day trying to penetrate our system with cyber, you have an Iranian nuclear program underway—and the President announces cheerfully, ‘The war’s going to end because I’m not happy being a war president.’”

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