President Barack Obama’s progressive plan to reclassify biological genders in America is coming under a great deal of legal flak in recent months.


One of President Obama’s transgender decrees has been suspended in court this week.

From the onset of Obama’s strange new obsession with people identifying themselves as “transgender”, there have been red flags of government overreach and societal tampering.  Luckily for us, there is still some sanity hidden in the corners of America’s legal system.

“A Texas judge has temporarily blocked the Obama administration’s new requirements for transgender care, granting a preliminary injunction Saturday to several states and religious health organizations suing over the rules.

“The rule, which was slated to go into effect Jan. 1, says that doctors can’t refuse to provide medically necessary health services within their scope of practice because of a patient’s gender identity. It doesn’t explicitly require doctors to perform gender transition services, but it says providers can’t refuse services they already provide based on discrimination.

“The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas temporarily blocked the requirements at the request of Texas, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Arizona and Mississippi along with the Franciscan Alliance and several other religiously affiliated organizations.

“Judge Reed O’Connor wrote that the rule contradicts existing law and ‘likely violates’ the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.”

The entire impetus of the Obama transgender obsession has yet to be discovered, but it has already been determined that the government’s far-reaching tentacles can and will be invading the private lives, bathrooms, and doctors’ offices of America so long as the democrats are in charge.

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