While President Obama prepares to tell Americans that every dollar of spending by the federal government is vital – or, more realistically, while he prepares to lie about cutting spending while actually jacking it up to record rates – Breitbart News has been looking into possible places worth cutting. Today, we’ll be rolling out a series of such cuts. We suggest cutting these items, rather than raising your taxes.

Last year, the National Science Foundation handed out a grant of $325,000 for the very important scientific purpose of creating a robot squirrel. Seriously. The squirrel, appropriately named “RoboSquirrel,” was designed for a study on how rattlesnakes react to squirrels – a study that will undoubtedly solve America’s unemployment problem, and/or solve cancer. If we’re really lucky, RoboSquirrel may in fact combine forces with Mighty Mouse to save the day.

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