To date, the only real democracy that exists in the Middle East is Israel. The United States has supported Israel’s right to exist since it re-established itself as a country in 1949. But that seems to be changing.

President Obama has gone out of his way to create tension and animosity between the United States and Israel. Earlier this year, he publicly stated that Israel should return to its pre-1967 borders and give up large areas of land to the Palestinian Authority. When making that statement, Obama knew full well that this was not a negotiable item with Israel.

Many political analysts believe that Obama is determined to ‘cut Israel down to size’ and coerce them to bend and bow to his demands. Just how far Israel will go to meet Obama’s whims are yet to be determined, but one must keep in mind that Israel is a proud nation that has stood against everyone else around them, and may do so again.

One has to wonder why President Obama seems hell bent on destroying Israel, one of the US’s only allies in the Middle East, if it isn’t for his obvious Muslim affinity and his attempts to turn all of our faces toward Mecca.

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