On just about any given night you can tune in to Sean Hannity on Fox News and hear him recite the litany of political wars that the GOP is battling.  The problem is these little wars are a distraction from the real war that the GOP is losing, and losing big. Republicans should be focused on the war of words that they are losing to the Democrats and liberals controlling the political debate.

Conservative commentators continue to get lost in the minutia of defending these wars: war-on-women (aka reproductive rights, women’s health, and abortion), war-on-elderly (aka Medicare vouchers), war-on-poverty (aka food stamps and Obamacare), war-on-middle class (aka export jobs, support business, union busting), and war-on-education (aka union busting) to name few.  The “aka’s” are the Democrat terms for what the Republicans are against, taking away from you, or they are flat out bigoted.  One can plainly see that the Democrats have successfully demonized the Republicans by making three key grammatical associations: Noun (Republicans), verb (hate), object (you)!

Republicans respond to the war-of-words by counterattacking from the low ground.  They attempt to counter the negative claims of the Democrats by laying out their vision of policy and the direction the country should take.  I say low ground because tactically, that is exactly where they are in the war analogy.  Their counter claims, which detail solutions to our country’s ills, open them up to criticism from the high ground held by the media (by no means does this high or low ground imply the moral equivalent) .  You’ll notice that the Democrats cannot be criticized because they do not offer anything constructive, only hyperbole aimed at the Republicans.

Republicans need to fight back with similar tactics.  The last election cycle showed that the defensive posture of countering with a better vision did not resonate with the electorate.  However, the GOP can go on the offensive with a two pronged attack, all while remaining true to a higher moral standard.  The facts are on their side, but they need to wield those facts with a sharp tongue and take the Democrats to task on these issues.  That is the direct frontal attack.  The second prong should be a flanking maneuver, removing criticism of being the party of no.  This can be achieved with a subtle nod to the Democrat position.

Take the war-on-women as an example.  Republicans can attack the Democrats illustrating that they care less about women’s health or your reproductive rights and more about exchanging votes for free stuff.  If Democrats did care, they would tell you and your daughters that abortions and hormonal birth control might lead to higher rates of STIs (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) – already in the millions of new cases per year – because of the unintended consequences attached to the easy access of these birth control methods (6, 7).  They would also tell you that STIs may cause serious long term effects (8, 9).  To stem the standard Democratic criticism, the GOP can flank them by expressing their opposition to abolishing abortion because of constitutionally protected equal liberty, upheld by case law.  Unlike the left, the conservative base must affirm that no matter how depraved the opposing view, the Constitution affords equal liberty under the laws (upheld by Roe v wade).  This does not mean acquiescing to end addressing the issues of late term abortion.  Rather, it means addressing them appropriately through the legislative process – not through judicial activism, which ultimately undermines the Constitutional Republic for all.  Use the horrors of the Gosnell abortion clinic trial to visually counter Democrat opposition.  Let them explain their defense of such heinous acts.

Fortunately for the GOP, many of the liberal policies are unraveling and showing their disregard for the elderly, poor, middle-class, and the education system.  Prominent Democrats (Howard Dean, Robert Reich, Cass Sundstein, and Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel) acknowledge that the elderly won’t be provided with the extended life care they were promised.  The liberal’s fast food jobs agenda and extortion education policy is union dominated, caring more about the union lifeline than the middle-class or your child’s education.  The free stuff model is broken and Detroit is the poster child.  These are the frontal attacks that are now recanted in the nightly news.  Up to this point, the Democrat’s winning criticism is that the Republicans want to take away your fee stuff (health care, welfare, and unemployment).  The GOP can out flank this criticism by articulating that they, too, can provide free stuff to all.  However, those promises would be a blatant lie just like the Democrat’s track record.

That’s where I stand.  If I haven’t offended you, then I haven’t tried hard enough.