Here is the ultimate expression of crass insensitivity. It is the perfect gift for the woman who not only scoffs at the sanctity of life but wears her politics on “her sleeve.” It is a coat hanger pendant, and it can be hers for a donation of $10 to the DC Abortion Fund. (That’s $10 a month, by the way: Talk about gifts that keep on giving!)
Check it out:

Alec Torres at NRO explains that the organization, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, helps finance abortions for women in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia who can’t afford the life-ending procedure on their own.

DCAF states that they hope to make “’choice’ a reality because we believe that a woman’s right to health care should not depend on her wallet.” They offer grants to low-income women on a confidential basis. The coat hanger seems to be a part of their logo, as it is also prominently featured on the main banner of their website.

Yeah, yeah, we get the intended symbolism. This group is presenting itself as the acceptable alternative to back alley abortions and therefore deserving only praise for its efforts. Yet, the sterile language of its message — particularly the phrase “a woman’s right to health care,” which makes abortion sound as routine and matter-of-fact as a teeth cleaning — should give anyone pause.

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