Could this soon be replaced with “In Witch We Trust”?

In this new America, where liberal shock and awe have desensitized us, even our religions are getting a progressive and strange makeover.

Austin, Texas, known for its slogan “Keep Austin Weird”, is the epicenter of a newly revitalized movement to bring occult and pagan religions to the forefront of America’s culture, running perpendicular to the nation’s strong Christian heritage.

“Because Wicca is a highly decentralized religion with no central authority, it’s hard to get a tally of its members. The American Religious Identification Survey, which periodically surveys 50,000 Americans, said the number of self-identified Wiccans increased to 342,000 in 2008, up from 134,000 in 2001. The 2008 figures are the most recent available.

Wicca’s growth tracks the changing religious landscape in the U.S., as a growing number of people leave established religions and become either unaffiliated or switch to alternative religions. About 5.9 percent of Americans followed a non-Christian faith in 2014, up from 4.7 percent in 2007, according to the Pew Research Center…”

Will Wicca overtake Christianity in the future, or will religious conservatives be able to protects their spiritual heritage.

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