If the members of the Left protesting outside the Republican National Convention ever vacated their liberal fantasy land long enough to deal with objective reality, they might understand the irony of them calling for the evisceration of the “1 percent.”

But the Left somehow never seems to be able to add things up correctly.

Liberals elect a president whose childhood was spent in foreign countries, yet they think he’s mainstream American.

Their president puts foreign countries first and considers the U.S. just another country among hundreds, yet the Left thinks he can lead America.

Obama calls for “fundamental change” in America, yet the Left thinks all he means is they’ll get more stuff.

When Obama told Occupiers they are the reason he got into politics, he didn’t mean that he was just planning to take on “evil” corporations.

Obama has been supporting Occupy Wall Street since Day One through Van Jones, a renamed ACORN organization and probably through other socialist/communist contacts, of which Obama has many.

More importantly, he agrees with its philosophy of taking from the “1 percent” to give to the “99 percent.”

But whenever you see someone wearing a shirt or carrying a sign that says “I am the 99 percent,” you’re looking at someone who doesn’t have a clue what he’s supporting because to Obama and his camp, all of America is the 1 percent.

Even the poorest American is better off than most people in Third World countries. That’s because of free-market capitalism, by the way.

To Obama, who was raised in Kenya, Indonesia and Hawaii, America didn’t become wealthy because we worked hard, used our brains and strove to be better than other countries — we got rich because we stole everybody else’s wealth.

Obama is stealing it back.

That’s why he does seemingly nonsensical things like blocking oil drilling in U.S. waters while giving oil contracts to foreign countries, or replacing NASA’s mission to return men to the moon with a PR mission to raise Muslims’ self-esteem about their miniscule to nonexistent contribution to science.

That’s also why he can spout off about human rights while throwing open our borders to all manner of traffickers and criminals, and cite national security to invoke executive privilege blocking information about the Department of Justice trading guns to drug runners in exchange for information on rival cartels.

It also explains his plans to cut back our nuclear defense arsenal while demanding nothing in return from Russia or any other rival country.

It’s why he’s throwing millions of taxpayer dollars at Kenya, his home town.

So while the Occupiers think that Obama’s going to throw open the bank vaults and let them all live in mansions, not a one of them gets that they too are going to be held upside down by the ankles and shaken until every last penny falls out of their pockets and every last iPod is repackaged and sent to villagers in Indonesia.

The only 99 percent that Occupiers are members of is the 99 percent of liberals who won’t realize they’re the world’s biggest dupes until it’s too late.