The coal miners of Ohio, unlike some workers who are intimidated by their unions, are unafraid of standing tall and confronting the Obama Administration head-on. Last Wednesday, more than 500 coal miners who work at the Beallsville, Ohio Century Mine, operated by Murray Energy, held a rally to condemn the Obama Administration’s despicable ad claiming the miners were coerced into attending a rally for Mitt Romney on August 14. They also charged Obama with waging a war on coal.

The Obama campaign had seized on rumors started by a local shock jock, David Bloomquist, who claimed the miners had been forced to attend the Romney rally. Mitch Miracle, speaking for the miners, read aloud the two letters they had written and signed.

Coal Miners’ Ad: After 4 years of decimating the coal industry with radical liberal policies, Obama is now trying to pretend he cares what happens to miners and their families. But just as his concern is a lie, so is the ad he is running to tell it. In a recent ad, Obama accuses miners of being “props” at a Romney event. The miners are standing up to Obama and demanding he stop lying about them. Why would Obama lie? Because that’s all he has.

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