GOP Incumbent Senator Thad Cochran has won the Mississippi Primary, defeating Tea Party challenger Chris McDaniel in the states runoff election. Despite McDaniel winning the first election by over 3,000 votes, Cochran won the runoff by over 6,000 votes.
That is the headline all around the country today. The Establishment has defeated the Tea Party. However, this race was more than that; this race was for the heart of the Republican Party, and the field of American politics.  Towards the beginning of June, it became apparent that this race would be nasty and very public. When neither McDaniel nor Cochran was able to receive 50% of the vote on June 3rd due to a third candidate, a runoff was scheduled for June 24th. The few weeks between June 3rd and June 24th would be filled with nasty lies and betrayals.
Each candidate spent their campaign time differently during that span, Chris McDaniel continued to do what he was doing before, attracting Tea Party and Conservative Americans to watch the race and Mississippians to pay attention to the race and eventually vote for the candidate. Thad Cochran on the other hand spent his time with several other key figures exploiting a flaw in the runoff system, the flaw that Democratic voters can vote in the runoff election.
We had already seen lies in Kentucky when establishment Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell defeated challenger Matt Bevin, with McConnell lying through most of the election, painting himself as a true Conservative. However, once McConnell beat Bevin and realized what was happening in Mississippi McConnell showed his true colors and backed the 76 year old Cochran. Due to Cochran and McConnell’s ages and beliefs and McConnell’s title, it is no surprise that others came to help Cochran. Arizona Senator John McCain would come to Mississippi himself to back Cochran, while Utah Senator Orrin Hatch and Texas Senator John Cornyn were also rumored to back Cochran.
Perhaps some of the worst of what happened in the campaign was the outreach to the Democrats in the state. Unknown supporters of Cochran sent out pamphlets telling voters that Chris McDaniel and the Tea Party were racists and would not support African Americans and those in poverty, while stating Thad Cochran has supported both his entire life, and will continue to.
So just how long has Thad Cochran been in the Senate? 36 years. Thad Cochran is 76 years old and running for his 7th term in the Senate. How does someone stay in the Senate for that long with the approval rating Congress has now? They do it by betraying the American people.
Thad Cochran and the establishment GOPers that supported him won this election by appealing to the Democrats in the state, who came to support him in the end. Cochran promised to work for them and for all Mississippians, and he essentially promised to keep the same poor standards in Congress that have been in for years. They won the election by betraying the Republican Party they claimed to work for, the party that claims to be against entitlements, against amnesty, against Obamacare, although the establishment supports all three in secret. These men have become career politicians, and they have become out of touch with the American people. Thad Cochran didn’t answer to the people of Mississippi, he answered to the money that comes his way and the people that kept it coming, McCain and McConnell. Cochran answered to the power that he has enjoyed having during all of his time in Washington, where he could broker secret deals without the people knowing what was truly going on, all while he and the other establishment politicians traded stories of their hate for the grassroots movements.
The incredibly low approval rating for Congress speaks for itself, where many polls now have it in the single digits. So many ask how these people hold onto their power. Thad Cochran and Mitch McConnell proved it this year, power, money and lies. The American people have been calling for change, and unfortunately they didn’t get it in Mississippi. In many cases it’s a matter of is there an opportunity, but there certainly was in Mississippi. Chris McDaniel is a proven Conservative leader who has fought Obamacare and has stood for Conservative principles, while Thad Cochran has really done nothing significant in the Senate lately. The establishment bashed the Tea Party and McDaniel with lies stating how racist they were and that they would harm the people. We don’t need more lies in politics, we need less. The establishment politicians help absolutely no one when they spread lies like that about their opponents, if anything, it sets the country back.
Many people believe that the country needs true common sense reform in government. One of the ways to start that reform is term limits for members of the Senate. Cochran has served 6 terms, and has won the primary for a 7th. The only way someone can win seven terms with an approval rating as low as it currently is is through lies and deception. If term limits were placed on members of the Senate, they would not have the power many of them currently do, and they were certainly have to answer to the people more.
The old establishment Republicans have betrayed the American people again through lies and deception. Mitch McConnell will not lead an effort to defund Obamacare, and Thad Cochran does not have the best interest of Mississippians in his mind. The Republican Party is in no way unified, and that can only hurt Republicans, Conservatives and Americans in the future. However, the first thing to fix that issue is to see past the lies men like Thad Cochran and Mitch McConnell spin to hold onto their power, money and prestige.