Are you outraged? No? Stephanie Jones thinks you should be. She’s just published a piece at Salon — If ballots were bullets: If Americans cared as much about their voting rights as their gun rights, they’d be up in arms right now. Her premise: the laws some states have put in place requiring voters to show an ID before pulling the lever (or clicking the box) are part of a nefarious plot by “Republican legislators, governors and secretaries of state…to stop millions of Americans from exercising their right to vote.” Just one problem: Stephanie undermines her own point by demonstrating that she knows next to nothing about the roadblocks Americans have to negotiate to exercise their Second Amendment rights . . .

What if politicians began enacting and enforcing a spate of laws across the country that prevented millions of law-abiding citizens from buying guns in order to stop criminals from getting their hands on weapons?

Wait, hasn’t that been the ostensible reason behind almost every gun control law that’s ever been passed in these here fifty-seven states? Why yes, yes it has.

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