Dear Undecided Voter,

Well, it is finally here. We are finally less than a month from the election. Very soon, the day will be here for you to cast your ballot, but as of this date, you still have not made up your mind. I have a theory as to why that might be the case. Though I don’t know you, I believe it is because you are a good person. You are not the type of person who disparages those with whom you disagree. You believe in respectful discourse. Therefore, it is unsettling and offensive to you to hear one side calls the other a liar or a radical, and moments later, hear the other side level the same charge.

You would like for people to see the good in you, so you in turn try to see the good in other people. As such, you don’t want to hear that the President is a radical, or that Mitt Romney is a liar. You believe that they are both decent men who want to do what they think is best for the country.

You try to remain informed, you watch various newscasts, and still, it is difficult to get clarity. Most experts who are interviewed on the news seem to think that President Obama inherited a horrible economy and a difficult Middle East. They tell you that he has done everything that any President can to improve things. You want to believe that. You want to believe that the President is supportive of the middle class and that he wants to help them. You certainly don’t want to believe some of the accusations hurled against the President, namely that he doesn’t like America and that he actually wants to limit our economic opportunities.

At the same time, you recognize that Mitt Romney has had success in the world of business, and you wonder if perhaps he might bring some skills to the discussion that could benefit our staggering economy. You actually know people who are suffering right now. You have friends who are out of work. You feel the pain at the gas pump and at the grocery store. So in some cases your real-life experience does not seem to agree with what some of the so called experts on television are saying. You want to believe the President and there are some unknowns with Romney. In the final analysis, you just cannot decide.

This letter is not designed, not to vilify you your indecision, but to help you. In our modern media/smart phone culture, we are constantly bombarded with information. So, after reading this letter (J) turn all of that off. Don’t watch television news tonight and ignore the talking head experts for a day or two. Instead of trying to figure out who you can or cannot trust from all of the voices coming at you, try something different. Trust yourself. Trust your own “gut instincts”.

Think about what you know:

There were some problems with the economy under President Bush although it is difficult to remember now what the specifics were.

  • President Obama was elected in 2008, and at the same time he had the advantage of complete Democratic control of Congress, both the House and Senate.
  • President Obama had tremendous support and momentum when elected. He was the clear leader of both his party and the country. A Congress ruled by his own party would have gladly passed almost any legislation the President proposed.
  • During a recession, President Obama expended a great deal of energy and political capital to get the Democratically controlled congress to pass, one bill-not a jobs bill, not a spending reduction bill, not even a tax increase bill so that they could increase revenue into the federal treasury and thus reduce the deficit, but instead they passed a massive 2000 page health care bill.
  • In this bill, the federal government has been given permission to control the health care system. As such, hospitals will soon be run like the Department of Motor Vehicles or the Post Office.
  • Many U. S. embassies in the middle east have been sacked, some set on fire and an American Ambassador and several servicemen were murdered by mobs.
  • The President, as you were able to see with your own eyes, blamed a movie for creating the uprisings.
  • We now know (and this is not in dispute by any news agency) that same Ambassador pleaded for more security saying that he was very afraid of the security situation near his embassy. The request was denied. This type of denial had to have gone at least as high as the Secretary of State. Was it discussed with the President?
  • Also not disputed is the Obama administration as a whole has contradicted itself multiple times on when they knew that the embassy attacks were part of a coordinated terror attack. They have now publicly admitted that they believe that it was such an attack. Evidence is currently coming to light that they knew this even as they were making public statements blaming the attacks on Muslim anger over a movie.

Let us, for the sake of simplicity, limit our discussion to these two issues alone.  Abraham Lincoln once spoke about our nation at a time when it was even more divided than it is now. I paraphrase him as follows: “Both sides think they are right, and one side must be wrong. Two opposite sides cannot both be on the side of right at the same time.”

So using only what you can trust, that is, what you know from your own experience, ask yourself these questions:

  • If the President had a compliant Congress for two years, shouldn’t we hold him accountable for at least a part of the economy we now face?
  • With a compliant Democratically controlled Congress for two years, why did the President and his party spend all their time and energy on health care? How was this supposed to get the economy going? How was this supposed to create jobs? And if the legislation was supposed to be an economic remedy, why hasn’t it worked?
  • Even since the mid-term elections of 2010 the Democrats have controlled the Senate yet not a single budget has been proposed by the Senate. Why? Passing a budget is one of the most basic functions of the Senate.
  • President Obama and his advisors, such as David Axelrod, have repeatedly accused Mitt Romney of lying. Yet if one simply considers the embassy crisis alone, it is clear that the Obama administration lied in that instance and their lie was told to the entire world. Perhaps this example demonstrates a pattern of behavior for the President. If the President would lie about this tragic loss of life, wouldn’t he very readily lie when he calls Mitt Romney a liar?

Finally, think about your family and friends. Do you know more people struggling in this economy than were struggling before President Obama took office? I certainly do. The President has been in office for four years, Two of those years he could get whatever legislation he wanted passed by Congress with no Republican opposition. Shouldn’t we hold him at least partially responsible for the bitterly disappointing results?

Block out the multitude of voices that come at you constantly through your radio, smartphone, laptop or television. What does your own experience tell you? What do gas prices tell you? What do food prices tell you? What does unrest around the globe tell you about this President? In your gut, you know you are being played. You know things don’t feel right. We have never let a sitting President refuse to take responsibility for the policies he has enacted in the prior four years. We shouldn’t make an exception for President Obama. On November 6th, do the right thing.