Three years ago California became the first state in the Union to mandate the teaching of homosexual history in public schools. I use the term “history” loosely, as the law itself explicitly prohibits teaching anything that might portray homosexuals adversely. That would be like teaching US history while insisting that America be portrayed always and everywhere as the untarnished good guy. America hasn’t always acted admirably so lessons that only portray our country and countrymen in a good light would be dishonest.

As a history buff myself I have no objection to schools teaching LGBTQXYZ history. What they’re teaching in California however is not history by any conceivable definition, but rather homosexual folklore, replete with cartoonish villains, blameless victims, and courageous heroes.

No one fears teaching history, true history that is, more than the homosexual movement. They’ve been toiling for the better part of twenty years to erase the truth about the movement’s early days.

The movement moved above ground in the 1970s when it suddenly became socially acceptable, in a few urban enclaves such as New York and San Francisco, to declare boldly a desire to engage in intercourse with members of the same sex.

By no means did the movement limit itself to consenting adults. Its goal was to “liberate” society from its antiquated hang-ups about sex, including pedophilia and pederasty. They made no secret of it. Yes, it was controversial to campaign for pedophile rights, but not significantly more controversial than campaigning for “gay” rights. All of the same “bigots” opposed them with all of the same arguments.

Anyone interested in some very educational reading on the early days of the homosexual movement and its droll offshoot, the pedophile movement, should look no further than Boston Magazine’s May 2001 article entitled “Boy Crazy” by Benoit Denizet-Lewis. (Yes, it’s available online.)

The homosexual movement won’t be able to paint Denizet-Lewis as just another Moral Majority wingnut because they’ve already showered this San Francisco-raised, New York-transplanted “out” journalist with awards. The fact that he’s breezily non-judgmental about men who rape boys hasn’t prevented him from receiving awards from the National Gay and Lesbian Journalist Association and GLAAD. (Not to be confused with GLAD)

Denizet-Lewis admits that members of the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) marched in “gay” pride parades until the early 1990s when they became pariahs, though not because of any reawakened sense of moral outrage. “[T]he gay community watched in horror as the Christian right used NAMBLA’s presence in gay-pride marches to attack gay-rights legislation and tell Americans that homosexuals were after their kids.”

Wherever would they get an idea like that?

NAMBLA itself was born out of a 1977 pedophile sting in Revere, Massachusetts, where police raided a home that was rumored to be the site of sex parties between men and underage boys, complete with beer and weed. The rumors, as it turned out, were true. There is some dispute as to whether the youngest boys in attendance were eight, nine, or thirteen years old, but they were children nonetheless.

“Staffers at Fag Rag, a now-defunct Boston-based radical gay paper, decided to fight back,” Denizet-Lewis explains. “They formed a committee to defend the suspects in Revere and rally against police harassment. Two groups emerged from that committee. One, the Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders [GLAD], is still a respected legal organization. The other, the North American Man/Boy Love Association, would soon become the most despised group of men in America.”

In quick fashion, GLAD founder John Ward filed a lawsuit against Boston’s DA, preventing him from establishing a hotline for reporting child rapists. The next cause GLAD rallied around was defending a group of male homosexuals who were caught using the men’s washroom at the Boston public library for anonymous sex. GLAD’s biggest victory came twenty-five years later when its attorneys argued before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court that it had a constitutional obligation to change the definition of marriage. And they won.

How about a few more LGBTQXYZ history lessons you won’t read in California’s censored schoolbooks? San Francisco’s own Harvey Milk, the first openly “gay” elected official in California, was a teacher who seduced his underage male students. None dare call it recruiting. Also, he wasn’t shot for “being gay,” as the legend goes. Milk’s assassin, Dan White, was a frustrated city supervisor who resigned his seat, had a change of heart, and then asked Mayor George Muscone to reinstate him. Milk advised Muscone to deny the request, which drove White into a fit of rage that ended the lives of both Milk and the heterosexual Muscone. White was a hothead, but not a “homophobe;” his voting record indicates that he was on the same side as Milk on all of the big “gay” issues.

The nation’s first openly homosexual congressman was Gerry Studds (D-Mass), who was abruptly shoved out of the closet in 1983 when he stood accused of having sex with a seventeen year old congressional page. Studds copped to the rap but insisted that the liaisons were consensual and thus legal. While the age of consent in the nation’s capital is sixteen, there are two major stumbling blocks to Studds’ defense. First, he plied his victim with vodka, and second he was in a position of authority. “Consensual” it was not.

The House of Representatives later voted to censure Studds to which he defiantly turned his back. Ordinarily, a sordid affair involving a page followed by a congressional censure would have been the death knell of a politician’s career but not for Studds who was reelected six times. The citizens of Studds’ Cape Cod district seemed unbothered that he sexually abused an intoxicated minor. It’s worth noting that the Cape has a significant population of wealthy homosexuals. Draw your own conclusions.

Schools should teach history without fear or favoritism. They shouldn’t be afraid to tackle topics such as “gay” terrorism, public toilet sex, Jim Jones, AIDS misinformation campaigns, Alfred Kinsey, and the on-going campaign to sexualize children.

Upon signing the bill into law, Governor Jerry Brown commented that, “History should be honest.” I second the motion, governor.