Do you know what is saddening about the two most recent rulings from our Supreme Court? It is the revelation that none of our branches of government have any faith in the citizenry.

The Founders wrote “All men are created equal” and then left it at that. They were certain that the citizens were wise enough to fulfill that promise. The founders couldn’t exercise that thought at that moment because they needed all hands on deck to win the War of Independence.

Within 70 years of George Washington’s inauguration our country fought a civil war to free the slaves. The people who claim America is innately racist seem to conveniently dismiss the reality that these were mostly white men fighting to free black slaves. Many paid with their lives to fulfill a promise made by the founders. If they were racist they sure had a funny way of expressing it.

America rose to the expectations of the founders. The trust was well placed.

While still a beacon seen around the world, many Americans today feel imprisoned. The warden and the guards have clamped down on the population. Nobody can quite figure out why. Our ration of freedoms has been cut and our thoughts silenced in solitary confinement. The sins of forefathers and strange relatives have been smeared upon the innocent majority. We are lectured to, never listened to.

It is odd that a government should force health care insurance upon us under the guise of freedom. How free were health care providers to offer plans beyond State borders? The free market has never been allowed to act upon health insurance. Now we are told to pay up whether we like it or not. We are not asked, we are told. We are mandated.

The gross median income per household in America today is $43,585. The average family is now paying just over $14,000 annually for health insurance. Deductibles for some policies can reach $6,350 for a single person and $12,700 per family, the most allowed by the health-care law.

Let’s see, bad case scenario: $43,585 minus $14,000 equals $29,585. Better pray nothing happens if you want the family to eat…Wait! Medical emergency! $29,585 minus $12,700 equals $16,885. Gross.

The lack of a true free-market health care system has put the average American family at a greater financial risk than at any other time in our history. We are shackled to favored government goodies such as abortion coverage for men and 70 year old women.

What did we do to deserve this?


Then the same judge who overtly legislated in favor of the ACA from the bench on Thursday decries legislating from the bench in a gay marriage decision on Friday. The media got all misty-eyed and talked of the dignity now bestowed upon those whose only crime was falling in love with people; loving the wrong people in the eyes of society. As a harbinger of things to come and in an act designed to rub the nation’s nose in it the White House was bathed in the colors of the rainbow in support of the ruling. Oh, love is everywhere.

Let’s see how much love is bestowed upon the church that refuses to wed a gay couple. We already know how mere bakers and florists are treated. All that love will go out the window as even now an outraged gay couple is preparing a legal team to foist their brand of “love and understanding for one another and all people” on some unsuspecting religious soul.

The decision of the Supreme Court has opened the door to discrimination against those of faith. You won’t have to hold your breath; I give it two months after the ruling goes into effect.

The Supreme Court was in a hurry. They were in a rush to tell people what they must think and how they must act. They disenfranchised the votes already cast by citizens. They couldn’t trust us to come to the correct decision on our own in the due course of time. Like small children we needed to be told, and like even smaller children the Supreme Court told us. They placed a demand upon us and locked away our freedoms of faith and conscience.

The government should not be allowed to keep pets. Government treats gays as pets, minorities as pets, women as pets, and Muslim terrorists as pets. Pets are the playthings our government uses to push everyone else around.

How sad that the good in so many people is overlooked in pursuit of coddling the pets. That we must stand quietly in the corner while mom and dad play with the pets. That the demands of a few so outweigh the good of the many.

Bill Maher crowed that America is now the place liberals always dreamed it would be. How do you like that?

You’ve arrived, America.

Our ship of state sails on, leaving believers and good people everywhere stranded and forsaken. The Supremes have declared certain tenets of faith evil.

Fully one half of our country is now officially declared evil.

One Nation, under Justice Kennedy, with liberty and justice for … all?