More and more people believe the Republican Presidential primary will end in a “brokered convention” – but what does that mean?

The Republican National Convention here in Tampa Bay, in August, will culminate with 2,286 delegates casting their vote for the GOP Presidential nominee. The candidate who receives at least 1,144 of those delegates becomes the nominee. However, if none of the candidates can reach that magic number it will be considered a “brokered convention.”

In that scenario, Republicans can negotiate for candidates with fewer committed delegates to give their delegates to the front-runner to put that candidate over the top. There’s also the possibility a new candidate could be introduced and agreed upon by a majority of the party delegates.

Several notable Republican figures agree a brokered convention could become reality. This week on Fox Business network, Sarah Palin responded, “I think so. I think there definitely can be [a brokered convention], especially if things keep going the way they’re going.”

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