When reading all the recent news headlines it appears that we are currently living in a Saturday Night Live script.  Some of the claims made by liberals and progressives are so farfetched and unbelievable you just scratch your head and ask how stupid do they think we are?  The answer is pretty darn stupid.  The following are examples of the bizarre logic from the world that progressive liberals live in. With them in control no wonder things are so messed up.

Only in the mind of a liberal should an entry level job at a fast food restaurant held by an individual with a high school degree be worthy of a living wage.

Only in the mind of a liberal should the organization conducting oversight of Obamacare and levying penalties on those who don’t participate be exempt from participation.  It makes sense since those who have imposed this on the American people are exempt along with select individuals that helped get the legislation passed.

Only in the mind of a liberal would scandals that saw four Americans die in a consulate attack, the IRS targeting conservative groups, and the illegal distribution of firearms…be referred to as phony scandals after originally denying them than openly acknowledging them as real.

Only in the mind of a liberal can you have four diplomats killed and the secretary of state doesn’t think it matters since it was so long ago….Well for anyone with aspirations of being the Commander and chief it should matter as they are the Americans enforcing foreign policy decisions, but the Clintons have a long history of distaste for the military.

Only in the mind of a liberal would transparency mean writing legislation behind closed doors, holding secret meetings, not making documents available under freedom of information, and passing legislation that you have no clue what is in it until after it has been passed and signed into law.

Only in the mind of a liberal would a budget freeze with built in cost of living budget growth be referred to as a cut.

Only in the mind of a liberal would the president and first family think going on the second vacation in a month is a good idea during the height of a poor economy, when the president directed cuts at areas that will cause the American people the most pain.

Only in the mind of a liberal would over 7,000 deaths per year in the black community be acceptable, but 6,800 deaths in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars combined over a 10 year period is called unacceptable.

Only in the mind of a liberal would the disintegration of the family unit, out of wedlock child birth, teen pregnancy, underachievement, dropping out of High school, not attending college, unemployment, being on welfare and food stamps be a good thing.

Only in the mind of a liberal would the systematic genocide caused by abortion in the black community be called an acceptable choice.  No surprise however when someone like Dr. Gosnell goes to trial for horrific crimes against humanity and the media barely even covers it as a story.

Only in the mind of a liberal would an individual who runs into a crowded mall on a military base screaming Allah Akbar and shooting people not be considered a terrorist, even after coordination with known terrorists was shown.

Only in the mind of a liberal is it Ok for a Muslim to write a book referring to Jesus Christ as a “zealot” but it is not Ok for anyone to produce a video or book referring to mohammed as the documented child molester that he was.

Only in the mind of a liberal would high unemployment, record numbers of Americans on food stamps, record numbers of people on welfare, a major city declaring bankruptcy, and debt spiraling out of control be considered a recovery.

Only in the mind of a liberal would a little Wiener involved in a sexting scandal for the second time be considered a viable Democratic candidate for anything.  He does however resemble Bill Clinton with his implementation of the 12 D’s of progressive liberal strategy Deny, Defy, Distort, Deceive, Discredit, Demonize, Distract, Discourage, Destroy, Do, Disagree, Disclose all to Delay the truth being told.

Only in the mind of a liberal would a liberal white man, feel he is the expert on black America and tell a liberal black man he doesn’t know what he is talking about when it comes to the black community.

Only in the mind of a liberal would a half breed raised by a white family of privilege, be considered an authority on the black community over a black man from the ghetto who fought poverty and worked hard to become the best pediatric brain surgeon in the world.

Only in the mind of a liberal would the policies of liberal democratic politicians be called acceptable even after they bankrupted the city of Detroit, and the voters remaining would still think it a good idea to elect Democrats and expect a different outcome.

Only in the mind of a liberal can you have a bargain with the other side without them knowing about it.

Only in the mind of a liberal would a good pick for attorney general be the same man who defended terrorists that attacked the United States, chooses what laws to enforce, and gave guns away to drug lords.  That explains why George Zimmerman will never get his gun back as the AG has probably given it to some cartel member in Mexico.

At the rate these illogical thinking Democrats are running down and ruining our country, it makes you wonder  what the US will look lie by 2016, some say just another 3rd world country, But I guess it all makes sense when you consider that if Obama had a city of his own it would look like Detroit.