We’ve got a real nail biter going on in Iowa between Joni Ernst (R) and Bruce Braley (D) for US Senate. I’m standing out here, in an Iowa cornfield, above the din of a dirty battle to share a broader view of what’s at stake.

We think we’re voting for candidates, Democrat or Republican that care equally about our freedoms.   After doing some research I submit to you we’re voting for self governance vs. central governance for candidates who take money from people who earn it and create jobs and stimulate the economy vs. candidates who take money from George Soros-types , socialists bent on bringing America to her knees, making her just another vassal state subservient to a greater global governance. Don’t believe me, do the research.

In a free society government cannot force private business to pay workers whatever number the government dictates. What’s happened to our thinking? In a self governing society government manipulation in private business makes as much sense as Common Core math. Does your candidate support this form of government usurpation? Think about it, if one can justify a multitude of answers for what 2+2 could equal, if citizens have no clarity of thought, absolutes, right and wrongs, the state can use this fuzzy logic to justify anything. Why are we so eager to accept government manipulation? What’s wrong with rational thought? If 2+2 always equals 4 we can predict, project, we can make solid assessments, we can see through the “noble” causes of those who would have us support their selfish agendas.

When we elect our representatives we would do well to investigate who our candidates support and who supports them. For the past one hundred years we have been giving away our self determination for the “expediency” of the central government and we’ll endure any number of impositions to our freedoms in the name of security or more “efficient” government, (an oxymoron).

The attack ads go after any candidate that has a business or gave tax incentives to businesses that later went overseas. Never mind that America now has the highest corporate tax rate in the world! How dare business not want to be held captive by a parasitic fat-as-a-tick government!

We are led to believe America is and was evil which is categorically untrue. America is not perfect but no nation has ever come closer to perfection than America. America has been a healing balm for other nations since Christians first landed on her shores centuries ago regardless to what the Socialist historians have been conjuring up in today’s textbooks. “America, the Story of Us” written by a nut ball socialist is the most egregiously false rendition of America I’ve ever subjected myself to watching.

The Socialists who now run everything from education and media to the government want you to think Socialism is an altruistic, benevolent, God-like order of governance. This is exactly what the National Socialism of Nazi Germany proclaimed, and Soviet Russia, Communist China, North Korea and Cuba. Remember these benevolent governments slaughtered over one hundred million of their own citizens in the 20th century and don’t think you’ll fare any better just because you’re not one of the groups marked for oppression like conservatives recently have been.

So when you hear ads knocking someone who gets funding from, gasp, a capitalist and not from a socialist insurrectionist or who is not for, gasp, imposing a minimum wage on business (research how a minimum wage prolonged the great depression) or government imposed fuzzy logic on your children, ask if these people want to give you back your freedom or steal it from under your nose.   Do a few Google searches, assume all political ads are partially to mostly misleading and be the American generation that gifts freedom back to her children. Freedom requires your action to make it work.