I’ve written about this before…and much has happened since then.
What we are seeing around the country cannot continue.  Either the black
mob attacks must cease or there will be more blood in the streets than the
cleaners can cope with.  President Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Jesse
Jackson, et al, either you stop supporting black violence in all its
versions or there will arise a conflagration that you will be unable to
control.  (Perhaps in your blindness, you have already lost it) City after
city is being ravaged by -let’s put it succinctly -black savages.  And with
kid gloves – administrations, governments, media and even feds, treating
this as just an anomaly – you are asking for more trouble than you ever
wished.  Ordinary citizens can only be pushed so far.  Over the past few
weeks, black mobs have terrorized and brutalized innocent victims, just for
their pleasure.  You must ask yourselves: “Am I doing anything to inflame
this???  Or am I doing anything to stop it???”  The onus is on YOU.

Just days ago 50 savages emerged from the jungle to brutally beat and
rob two totally innocent victims:


I mentioned “black savages” before; this is precisely that.  The world
is full of decent, upright and righteous blacks – these mobs are not of
that constituency.  They are criminally minded and brutal in their
behavior.  It is Black Africa all over again: tribes raiding, killing,
abducting neighboring tribes – a way of life that must not be carried out

These were headlines…and this time they got it right: “BLACK MOB OF
50”.  How long do you think this can continue without a severe backlash?
My answer would be: you better do something quick to turn this trend in the
opposite direction or you will rue the day that you helped start it and
continue to feed it.  One way or another, these truants must be put to work
– the old adage of idle hands, must be applied here.  Take away the welfare
and find some ditches to dig…DEEP.

Blacks, whites, and every other color human beings have been given the
best that any country can offer in this United States.  The vast majority
has seen fit to work to preserve that great privilege.  But today we are
seeing the results of years of currying dependency among millions of able-
bodied citizens and when they find no need to work to support themselves,
they become predators of the worst kind.  We are there.  Now!  Continuing
to offer more and more “free money” is the opposite of directing citizenry
to productive lifestyles through work.  When a man has no stake in the pot,
he has lost an appreciation of the value of anything.  Go on a rampage;
beat, rob, plunder…whatever you find amusing…and then go collect your

We are rapidly returning to vigilante governance – when ordinary
people no longer trust their government to even fain to protect them, they
will react, just as the knee jerk in the doctor’s office.  Do we want this?
The important question is: Do You want it?  The coming days will tell us
all where you stand and how serious you are.  I’ve called a spade a spade;
will you do the same?