The public is sending a message. Are you open-minded enough to receive it?

Your downward trend in the ratings has reached critical mass. Your primetime lineup has finished below your sister station CNBC the past two quarters. CNN’s sister station Headline News has bested you in total day demo four straight quarters now, and I honestly don’t know anyone who even watches that channel.

Worse yet is your performance within the 25-54 demographic — the most important age demographic in broadcast media.

Your total 25-54 viewership for the first quarter of 2015 plummeted 39 percent from this time a year ago, and is now at its worst since the second quarter of 2005. Your top-rated program, “The Rachel Maddow Show,” posted its lowest 25-54 number since it debuted in September 2008. Ms. Maddow has now lost 46 percent of her 25-54 viewers, and her overall viewership is down 19 percent as just the 16th most-watched show in cable news. That’s behind the 11 p.m. Eastern replay – that’s right, I said replay – of “The O’Reilly Factor.”

Furthermore, Chris Hayes and Lawrence O’Donnell have also been hit with their lowest rating in the 25-54 demo since they originally launched. Chris Matthews is at his lowest in a decade. Ronan Farrow and Joy Reid just had their shows cancelled. Although I’ve appeared as a guest on MSNBC about 50 times in the past four years, I had never before heard their names until reading about their shows being cancelled in the trades.

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