Sometimes you just can’t ask for anything better than lawless people to utter their own crimes from their own mouths, except to render justice upon such crimes. Such is the case with S. Bear Bergman.

Bergman, a mentally ill woman who believes she is a man (She also claims to have “married” another woman that thinks she is a man) and cuts her hair in the style of a man’s and apparently takes hormones to grow a beard (yes, it’s disturbing to see and the entire “family” situation is beyond confusing and bizarre), provided an op-ed piece at Huffington Post in which she openly admits that she is in education to “indoctrinate your children into my LGBTQ agenda.” Furthermore, she adds, “I’m not a bit sorry.”

The self-proclaimed “writer, educator, storyteller and loudmouth,” who is also told her audience that one of her number one things that upset her as a young rebellious teen against God was the fact that people accused people like her of recruiting. So, to set the record straight, though it upset her, she came out in this piece to acknowledge that was, in fact, true.

“The first time I was introduced to this idea of reproduction and recruitment as the two paths to Being All The Homosexual I Could Be, I had two very strong reactions,” she wrote. “I felt the revulsion of denial, of course — we were not recruiting, and certainly not in the way that this asshole was suggesting we were. At the same time, I experienced a delicious fantasy in which I was in fact recruited and chosen to be queer. In it, I was ushered into the world of queerness with care and tenderness by experienced homos and trans people (in my imagination they were like very fabulous versions of my favorite camp counselors from childhood). I would be issued my leather jacket and my protest pins, my safer sex supplies and a hotline of some kind I could call if I needed it. As a teenaged homo trying to piece together strained relationships with my family or origin, it was a really nice idea.”

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