It cannot be skin color alone. There has to be something else to rich, successful, driven, intelligent, persistent, strong, never-take-no for an answer folks like Oprah and Jay-Z to be so fierce, so unwavering and yet so compromising in their support for Barack Obama.

Jay-ZIt’s almost as if they’re traumatized by what is going on with the disasterous results of Barack Obama’s time in office. Make no mistake, these are not stupid or ignorant people – it takes more than luck, god-given talent or timing. When you look at what they’ve accomplished from where they started, it cannot be denied, these are a couple of really, really smart and savvy people.

When we talk about racism in America, let’s be honest – we’re talking about black and white, with Civil Rights, Jim Crow, the Klan and slavery in the background. So for the moment, I’d like to ignore everybody else – sorry. I’m not black myself, but I can see throwing my support behind Barack Obama in 2008 based solely on skin color – it being such a source of pride for everyone. It was an act of pure optimism for whites and blacks who voted for him to show that America is always looking to improve itself and perhaps having the first black President would put some of the hard feelings behind us and have a really positive affect on race relations. Whoops.

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