Shall not be infringed.

As Oregon’s senate prepares to convene February 2 for a “five-month legislative session,” returning senators who tried but failed at gun control in previous years hope having more Democrats in 2015 means gun control will finally succeed.

According to the Associated Press, “proposed gun control measures have hit a roadblock in the senate during the past four years.” But this year, “with more Democrats in there…[things] could be different.”

For that reason, gun controllers will be pushing for a ban on private gun sales throughout the state. They will do this by pushing universal background checks on every gun sale, with the exception of sales between relatives.

Breitbart News has previously warned that universal background checks require a gun registry in order to be enforceable–and leaving the caveat that one can still sell a gun to a relative without a background check does not change that. After all, the government will still have to have some mechanism in place by which they track the fact that a gun has changed hands and that it actually went to a relative. Moreover, they will have to ascertain how closely related two individuals have to be before the sale qualifies as between “relatives.”

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