In George Orwell’s prophetic novel 1984, The all-powerful state controlled people by controlling what they thought and believed. Their method for controlling what people thought and believed was “double think.” This meant that, even when you saw that there was a food shortage, the state taught you to believe their version of reality, in which there was a food abundance. Looking at an empty plate, you were supposed to say “there is food on my plate.”

In other words, don’t believe the evidence of your own eyes, believe what the government tells you to believe. Don’t think for yourself, we will do the thinking for you.

In the novel 1984, the main character, George Winston, had a job at the “Ministry of Truth.”  His job was to rewrite history. If the regime changed their story from several years ago, George would go back to the newspaper article from several years ago and rewrite it to make it match up to the new story the regime was giving. He would destroy the original article.

We see this happening today when Obama says “I didn’t really mean that if you like your policy you can keep your policy, period. What I really said (or meant to say) was that some of you

(especially our pals and allies like the labor unions) can keep your policies if you like them, with our royal permission.”  We decide, you live with it.  Fortunately, so far, we have thousands of copies of independent videos of Obama saying the opposite. Who do you want to believe, the your own ears, or what Obama says now? Or what he says tomorrow? Or the next day?
Don’t you love Big Brother, Big Barack?  Then believe what he says now, not what you heard him say three years ago!

Last week, our own regime’s Ministry of Truth summoned their history-rewriting media buddies, their own “George Winstons,” to the White House to receive the latest Government version of reality.

These media lapdogs left the meeting and immediately began pumping out the regime’s rewrite of history and reality.  They speak with forked-tongue, “Double-Speak,” a term patterned after

“double-think” in the book.  Here is some of the latest doublespeak “talking points” from the regime, which I have named Obama-Sspeak:

One: don’t call insurance cancellations cancellations, call them renewal notices.
Two: don’t say that we promised that all Americans could keep their policies, say we said that some Americans could keep their policies.
Three: don’t say “you were promised that you could keep your old policies”, say your old policies were junk and unfair and didn’t cover the right things.

(translation: you grown men and women don’t have enough sense to intelligently choose your own insurance policies, only we, the almighty government, can choose wisely for you.)

Obama-Sspeak was used years ago in the introduction of Obamacare. Obama’s liberal allies called it the “affordable care act”, when they knew it would really cost more.

Many Americans believed the lies back then. Now they’re learning the truth.  Most policies have a big price increase. “Affordable care” is really UN-affordable care.
Many Americans now realize they can’t afford Obama’s “affordable care.”

*Notice that I call it Obama-Sspeak with two S’s. I do that to make it resemble the hissing of the serpent, who first uttered the first lie to Eve in the garden of Eden. Obama was a disciple of Saul Alinsky,

the Socialist Chicago community organizer.  Alinsky dedicated his book, Rules for Radicals, to Lucifer.   Satan, “the father of lies and a liar from the beginning.”

I leave it to my readers to “connect the dots.”  Or “lissten for the hissing . . . ”

Michael McCarthy is the author of the Christian Conservative political thriller novel The Noah Option, available in paperback at and on Kindle at Amazon.
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