I understand that there is a very dangerous phenomenon that can occur when a pilot flies at night. With no visual clues they sometimes stop believing their instruments because their senses tell them a different story. So they make a correction based on those feelings. Suddenly things get worse, so the pilot corrects some more. Which makes thing even worse still. As I understand it, the only solution is to start correcting to what the instruments are telling them or, ultimately, the plane will plow into the ground with the expected tragic results.

That is exactly what is happening in Washington today. The country is in the control of a bevy of inexperienced theoreticians. They are highly educated. And because they are so smart and educated they think they know all the answers. Just about none of these people have ever owned a business, started a business, financed a business, been an executive in someone else’s business, or met a payroll. In other words, they are flying by the seat of their pants.

They all have similar educational backgrounds. They were educated in expensive liberal institutions. Therefore, in any given situation, they are pretty much in full agreement on solutions. A dissenting voice is seldom heard. If one is heard, I will bet it is drowned out by a very loud consensus.

If they had experience outside of government, or even inside government as a governor or big city mayor, that experience would act as their instrument panel. It would tell them when things are flying straight and true. If a change was needed, that instrument panel would tell them if they were making things better or worse.

But we have a pilot with no instruments to guide him. He doesn’t even have a map or compass to steer by. He is solely guided by his own self-assurance that he knows the way and that he is on course. His crew is so enraptured of him that they feel that their job is to whisper in his ear that he is a great man and he is most certainly correct in all that he does.

The problem that is created here is that if our pilot makes a correction and the expected results are not forthcoming, he is convinced that he did not make a large enough correction. He is in the spiral of needing to spend more money, therefore needing to acquire more money. Tax and borrow, the spiral continues. I’m sure he feels this is only a temporary measure until the business climate revives.

But at the same time, his regulators are increasing the amount of regulations, paper work, permits, and fees that weigh on business, whether a start up or an established enterprise.
It reminds me of a joke that I used to say to my kids. “The beatings will continue until morale improves.” Small business is taking a beating that they cannot endure. I read where the president of Subway said “in today’s business climate there would be no Subway”. I may not have the wording exact but that is the essence of his thoughts

What worries me most is that we are just at the start of our pilots second four years. I see no sign of a change for the better. As a matter of fact he is making things worse with his “the sky is falling” campaign over sequester. Why does he and his cohorts have to use the politics of fear. It is not honest. It is not right. And, it most certainly is not presidential.

At a time when the country needs calm reflection and statesmanship, we are getting just the opposite. Standing and shouting that every problem is because of those evil Republicans is getting old and wearing thin. Are there no adults in the Democrat party that can go to the President and make an effort to try to save the country before it plows into the ground? Apparently not.